By paddlepickle on Are You a Grown Woman? An Informal Survey

I would like Ellie Shechet, 23, to please become my new best friend.

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By LMac on Teenage Girls, as Imagined By an 8-Year-Old in 1991

I'm so glad to see other people did this as well. I would write short stories, with illustrations, about a girl named Tanya (the most beautiful name I could think of) who wore splatter-paint t-shirts and was allowed to wear the shiny black bike shorts I coveted. Her hair was also permed. Tanya liked to ride her bike and talk on her "car phone" at the same time. That's pretty much where I lost interest.

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By and it's not even my birthday on The True Cost of "Santa Baby"


Might this mean she wants TWO Santas to hurry down the chimney?

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By R&RKD on Friday Open Thread

The Nemoticon, a book containing the most hideous, occult emoticons imaginable!

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By dtowngirl on Pass the Cranberry Chodes: Christmas, According to a December 1951 Copy of Woman's Day

The Cranberry Come-On is a come-on that might just work on me.

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By Amelia Bedelia on Reading Between The Texts: Sexting, Sort Of. (?)

Reading Between the Texts is hands down my favorite thing to ever exist on the Internet. Happy birthday, Katie Heaney, and thank you for your texting wisdom which is hilarious and on point as always!

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By Urwelt on Interview with a Big Dick

I don't think I've ever been with a guy with a REALLY big dick (probably for the best?), but I did once sleep with a guy with huge balls. Just enormous. He said a worried gf once made him go to the doctor, who told him he was fine, but "in the 99th percentile". So if you want to do a follow up interview, I know a guy.

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By maxine of arc on Interview with a Big Dick

@mollpants Dude, the first time I encountered a big dick--and not even like, porn star big, just bigger than average--I was like "Let's measure it! I'll get my sewing tape!" I can't believe no one's measured this guy's.

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By mollpants on Interview with a Big Dick

@Better to Eat You With That's...a pretty aggressive nickname, not gonna lie.

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By Emby on Interview with a Big Dick

@Blushingflwr You presume too much


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