On Observations on a Changing Neighborhood

I too live a stone's throw from the Barclay's Center. There has definitely been an increase in traffic on my block, mostly people circling, trying to find a spot.

Also... hello neighbor!!

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On What You've Named Your Outlets For Maternal Feelings

I have to say I was BEYOND GIDDY to see that my dog is on this list (as the only one with his name in our zip code, I have to assume it's him). We exist!

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On Be the Change, Jerks

@wee_ramekin You are me!!! I cannot stop hitting snooze in the morning, so much so that I will hit it for like a full hour (if not longer). It drives my husband BONKERS. I am late for everything, including my own wedding. Oh, and we missed our Honeymoon flight! I feel bad about it but I just can't change.

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On Your Guide to Blood Donation: The Lazy Person’s Charitable Giving

@harebell Me four!! Also applies if you were born in the UK. I was born there but grew up in the US, and did not live in the UK for anything close to a total of 5 years. And yet: disqualified! Sigh.

I found this out in college in Canada, my roommate and I had this whole plan where I would run through the donation room in the student center in a batshit outfit yelling "DOCTOR SAYS I'M MAD!!!" and cackling. Never happened, but oh the possibilities!

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On We Wouldn't Have to Eat Kraft Dinner

@The Lady of Shalott My college roommate not only put ketchup on her KD, but also put it on plain noodles AS IF IT WAS PASTA SAUCE. Ketchup is not pasta sauce! It makes me gag just thinking about it.

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

@Wiscowhitney I can attest that the Williams Sonoma kit is great, it's not actually made by WS just sold by them. It's made by my friend. :) Friendship perk = enjoying the test batches of beer!

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On Ask Ladies About Engagement Rings

I just have to second Jane's recommendation of Doyle and Doyle. My ring is from there (and was NOT expensive by any means) and I love it to bits. It's not a diamond - we wanted to avoid those for cruelty reasons - but an aquamarine which I think makes it much more "me." I actually went to the store with my best friend and picked it out, then called my fiance to get his credit card number. This is after I proposed to him because I had a weird rash on my leg and wanted to go to the dermatologist, but didn't have insurance, so I suggested we get married so I could go on his insurance. ROMANCE.

And then for a wedding band I had one custom made to go with the engagement ring. It was honestly WAY less money than any of my friends ended up spending (and also I am super cheap). The custom place was Little King in NYC, they are amazing. The whole process was just really cool.

Long story short... Doyle and Doyle is awesome, but really, fuck everyone else and do whatever makes you and your fiance feel happy.

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On On Bruises

@redheaded&crazie AUGH MYSTERY BRUISES. They are constant, and baffling. Also when someone asks how I got a bruise, and I say I don't know, I can totally tell that they assume I don't remember because I was blackout drunk or some such. But in reality I just bruise like a peach!

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On How to Catch a Hairball

@Pound of Salt I totally thought it was just me as well! I feel so much better. Also, the first time my then-boyfriend (now-husband) saw the hair collage he was so unbelievably grossed out.

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On Apple Orchards and You

When I was in University I drove from Toronto to Montreal, past The Big Apple and I JUST HAD to stop since I'm an American and, well, I'm a sucker for all that "world's biggest" roadside kitsch. For those who don't know, The Big Apple is an orchard in Ontario with a ginorm apple (pic here). So of course I am by myself, so I have some sullen teen orchard worker take a photo of me in front of this huge apple, which is definitely the world's saddest picture. They also have a bakery and sell pie and donuts (ugh why were they out of donuts!) so I bought a huge apple pie, the kind with the crumbly top. Then I get in my car, put the pie on the front passenger seat for safe-keeping, and drive off. My plan was to surprise my BFF roomie with this amazing pie when I got back to Montreal. Do you see where this is going? Over the next several hours I at the whole pie. WITH MY BARE HANDS. There were pie crust crumbs everywhere, I was all pie-sticky, I got pie goo on the steering wheel, got some in my hair, and you know those little crumbly things on top of the pie just get everywhere. Such a bad, shameful scene. Of course when I got home I snuck the empty packaging into the dumpster and politely declined my roommate's offer of dinner - then tried not to barf for the rest of the evening. Fun! Still, mmmmmmmmmmm pie.

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