On Can Anyone Explain the UVA Situation?

@Susie the Bear

Holla at ME! I just moved here a couple of months ago (not as a student), and I wanna meet more people!

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On And He Has an Old Dog, Too

@honeybunchesofoats I can't tell why The Powers agree that Jonathan Franzen is contemporary literature and John Irving is popular fiction. Their books read pretty similarly to me, though I'll admit Franzen develops better female characters.

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On Old* People Obsessed With Talking Out Loud

@The Lady of Shalott

I read her book Alone Together, and she interviews a lot of private school students (in addition to public). Many of the NYC private schoolers quoted in Alone spoke with that elevated (if not self-conscious) diction you point out. I don't think she faked it. At least I hope not!

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On Friday Open Thread

@Too Much Internet

It was my favorite Pin commenting this moment this week! I'm proud of myself, darn it! And self-centered, for sure.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Curiouser and curiouser

HA! My [relative] said that she nearly missed her flight at the airport, despite the fact that she arrived two hours early, because she was so absorbed in that book!

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On Friday Open Thread


Start looking. But, this is Dad advice, maybe wait until you've worked there a year to leave if it's not a job in a high-turnover industry. You're going to get asked by every interviewer why you left your last job. Check out the archives at www.askamanager.org and see if a question similar to yours has been answered there.

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On Friday Open Thread

@Too Much Internet

I switched to Real Name! Responsible or foolish? I guess I shouldn't respond too many times about yeast infection/divacup/tampon/porn/sex posts.

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On My Fave Two

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher

She does it maybe 50% of the time. Back in the days of AOL I sometimes IM'd my grandpop, and he signed his IMs. It was very cute.

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On My Fave Two

@Sarah H.


anytime I'm driving more than 100 miles.

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On Good and Bad News About Breast Cancer

@Techmo Whoa, awesome! I interned for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, which helped fund his research! :)

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