On Shop Talk

@lemonadefish Oh yeah! I have a Fun Factory one too, I was trying to think of what mine was called. I kind of love it.

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On Jim Behrle Wants to Know

@leon s I have the same worry about my (relatively small...so far) kid's book collection! Now that I have a niece I figure she'll work as an excuse in a pinch (which is actually how I justified [to myself] most of the book purchases) I would totally love it if I went to some dude's house and they had kid's books.

Agree w/everyone about the frames. I think a ton of kiddie stuff would be a turn off for me, but if there are enough adulty things in the mix, no big deal. Especially if the kid things are something you genuinely like and aren't just collecting to try and create some false nostalgia for the childhood you wished you had but didn't.

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On Nasty Boys

Cue Jackson-athon, queuing Janet.

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On A Conversation About Books and Money, Part Two

@crane your neck, Thanks for the info (sorry for late reply), it's really interesting. I wasn't thinking they cost $0 to publish/produce, just no money to make copies, but I can see how maintenance costs and longevity could make up for that (turns out I am a webmaster, so good analogy).

Do you know if the publishing costs for e-books are typically more than the costs for print books (like for digital rights, copy-editing, design, ISBNs, etc), or the same, or less? I was assuming they would be about the same, but it sounds like digital rights might be even more costly due to contracting/the fact that they didn't used to exist and possibly just costing more in general?

I can see how that plus maintaining usability for both retailer and consumer indefinitely could make their overall price comparable to (more)physical books if they are only being printed, etc. for a few years. So thanks for cluing me in.

It just seems like digital in general should be so much more...efficient. It's always frustrating to me when that's not the case, because, come on, progress!

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On A Conversation About Books and Money, Part Two

I definitely see the argument for publisher's, and don't think I've ever argued pro-corporation or anything. My question is (and I admit I am totally clueless here), why should e-books cost more than, say $10, even for independent publishers? Can we just ignore the fact that e-books are totally free to reproduce? There is no paper, ink, physical production, storage, shipping, etc. to pay for, right? Does all that cost so little that an electronic version shouldn't drastically reduce the cost to the consumer? I understand that, like with music, there are systems in place that tend to keep the artist/writer from getting properly compensated, and that needs to change.

I guess my real question is, does anyone know how the cost for a typical book or e-book (or both, for a comparison) breaks down? Like who gets what, what percentage does the publisher get, etc. And that $10 figure might sound really dumb. I understand that many books don't sell very much, and the ones that do allow publishers to take a gamble on the unknown and unusual.

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On A Conversation About Books and Money, Part Two

@Knowsey you can get a plugin in Calibre to automatically remove the DRM. (It's easier than it looks.)

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On RIP, Aaron Swartz

Very sad.

Out of curiosity, (and not because I think you should have used it), is there such thing as a trigger warning for suicide? This sort of thing (and mostly its commentary) really gets to me even when I'm not depressed, but I've never seen a trigger warning used.

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On Friday Open Thread

@somuchsugar the Dud Avacado is turning out to be a fun (and fairly light) read. I just read "The Listeners" by Leni Zumas on vacation. I thought it was very good, but not light. A few more I read recently were Great House by Nicole Krauss and A Good Man is Hard to Find or any short stories by Flannery O'Connor. Realized recently that most of the books I read were by white dudes who don't really write women well, so I decided to start reading at least 50% women authors and try to add a bit more diversity in general and it has made my reading experience much more enjoyable.

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On Friday Open Thread

@vunder thanks for this!

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On Scott Lenhardt and the Twenty Four Hour Woman

love this. i think i have a new crush.

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