On Black Honey and Me

I tried to buy a MAC lipstick after testing a bunch of them a couple of months ago (in one of my blind, rare trips to a makeup counter where I pretend to be an adult) and the sales girl laughed at me, because in her words, "One of the Jenners Instagrammed it recently so now all of our stores are on a waiting list for a while. I can email you when it's back in stock?"

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On Your Liquid Liner Is Crooked, Let Me Fix It For You

This is relevant to my interests. Rather, this is relevant to my conversation with a friend last week about how both of us grew up without learning how to do makeup properly and I am tired of blindly buying shit from makeup counters and having the salespeople internally be like "lol get out of here child."

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On Beverages I Have Loved

Six months into working from home full time, I invested in a coffeemaker recommended on the Wirecutter and holy shit, was it worth it.

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On Let's Talk About Birth Control

@LilyB Yeah, they've seemed weirdly unnecessary to me from the beginning. I'm always so excited for my period to end, I'm not about to forget to start the new pill cycle. But I'm also always paranoid about additives and shit getting snuck into my food and drugs, sooo.

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On Let's Talk About Birth Control

@Oenone Oof. The only thing that scares me about an IUD is that I totally expect my body to be like "get this outta here, we hate it."

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On Let's Talk About Birth Control

@Katred THANK YOU! This is really, really helpful and good to hear. I obviously have to learn more before making a decision on surgery or not, but my doctor's initial recommendation sounded similar, and I'm not looking forward to the process but glad to know it's more common and generally less stressful than I initially anticipated. I appreciate you making the account to reply!

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On Let's Talk About Birth Control

I'm in the same boat as above - my periods got way more mild when I went on the pill at age 20. Now it's five years later and I would like to switch to an IUD, so I'm starting to make moves in that direction and hoping my awful, debilitating cramps don't return.

Here's a semi-related question that this comments section is super relevant for. Has anyone ever dealt with a fibroadenoma (benign breast tumor)? I went to the gyn terrified that I had cancer last week, and from an exam she felt I had a textbook case of this instead, but I have tests scheduled in two weeks that will help me be sure and I would love to hear about this from anyone who's gone through it.

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On What Happens If You Put Placenta In Your Hair?

I've always wanted to do all of these things!

I have large, frizzy, curly hair and I randomly bought Queen Helene gel/goop, minus the placenta, a few years ago. I never stopped buying similar kinds of goop. It feels disgusting but it contains curls without weighing them down.

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On Rilo Kiley, "Emotional"

I have been working too much at a new job and haven't had time to do certain things that I like to do, like read the Hairpin. I am sleep deprived at the moment and doing it anyway. My hand's up over here and this was really good for me.

Next up I want the video for Jenny You're Barely Alive!

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