On Scandals of Classic Hollywood: That Divine Gary Cooper

@Nicole Cliffe I listened to Patricia Neal's interview with Robert Osbourne. Aaaahhhhhh!!!!! That poor woman. She was treated so badly by several men. OK, maybe she had an affair with Gary Cooper but it kinda sounds like he was doing that most of the time. She deserves her own article along with Vivien Leigh!!!

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On Kerry, What's in Your Closet?

I hate to protest, but the girl said she's going to be a grad student..... Keep all of the t-shirts!!! Everyone one of them! So, there's no way this girl is going into business. As long as she's not doing research at a medical/law/business school, she's going to be dressing comfortably. Some of my compatriots manage to be fashionable (scarves at the lab bench!), but most just try to drag through the days. I would keep two weeks worth of clothes that don't need to be ironed that you can just throw on in different combinations. Get some sold color sweaters, button downs and slacks for conferences (it's extremely unlikely you'll need a suit). If you get to have an office, buy a nice, neutral sweater that you can keep in your office and throw on over whatever. I'd also buy a really nice, classic rainboot that is heavy enough to be worn in the snow. Then you can keep a pair or two of shoes at your office for days when you wear rain/snow boots.

I do like the dress suggestion, especially for ones that you can throw on over tights. However, if you're a sciency grad student, dresses can be awkward depending on how active you have to be in a lab.

Personally, I live in tees/jeans but will throw on a fun going out shirt on the weekends.

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On Look, We're Gonna Talk About the Gatsby Trailer Now

@sniffadee Actually, Fitzgerald's description is ambiguous about her hair color and suggests both at different passages.

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On Look, We're Gonna Talk About the Gatsby Trailer Now

@Caitlin Podiak I love his short stories; they seem so much more relatable than his longer works. I do like the prose in Gatsby. His novels are always depressing: unattainable, damaged rich girl and good-looking middle class guy who can't make good.

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On Look, We're Gonna Talk About the Gatsby Trailer Now

@Speaking of cake, I have cake: I've always thought of Daisy as a 20's version of Hitchcock's ice queens. Maybe Naomi Watts (too old, she'd be perfect), Diane Kruger (slightly younger, perhaps less talented Naomi Watts) Amanda Seyfried (perhaps too much of a role although Daisy's always been a rich cipher), or Kristen Bell (too strong-willed).

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On Never-Complainers, Workaholics, and the Balding-and-Manly

Has the lawyer always worked this much since you've been dating? If so, it kind of seems like he's looking for a wife to take care of his outside life while he's being a workaholic. In exchange you get money and lots of independence. Could you be happy with that? You'd have to fill your life with other things since he won't be around that much. Why are you waiting until just before the wedding to figure out your mutual lives? This is the kind of stuff that people get divorced over and that leaves kids bitter (the ones who get sent to expensive boarding schools and who don't really know their parents).

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student, Part One: Scotch and Lentils

@meetapossum Connections and a built in review system? I've heard that MFAs teach you how to write beautifully but they can't teach a writer creativity and personal style.

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student, Part One: Scotch and Lentils

@janey I think the author was saying that the kid might still be interested in a PhD field, but that he or she should definitely figure out what career they wanted, and thus which PhD program, before committing to such folly as a history degree cause they like school.

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On Ask a Humanities Grad Student, Part One: Scotch and Lentils

@Megano! Also, PhD programs are a great way to kill your love of school.

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On Toxic Dating, "Abominable" Sisters, and the French Manicure

@Caitlin Podiak I dislike French manicures on all but the shortest nails. A short nail with a tiny white stripe is ok. However, I'm a nail biter, so it doesn't really matter. I kind of think nails that go beyond the fingertip are gross and unwieldy which likely sets me apart from many women.

French pedicure... shudder.

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