On The Funny Girls Pie

@supernintendochalmers I'd be ok with him quitting TV as long as he keeps doing his new podcast. Comedian podcasts [that aren't US-based] are what I dream of, personally...

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On Ten Days Alone In: Cuba

@stuffisthings are you joking? tourist destinations get socially fucked in order to keep them tourist destinations. just because you don't want to feel responsible doesn't mean you're not.

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On Being [Something] in the United States

w o w some of the comments on the steve volk article are terrible (i always forget the wise old mantra... "never read the comments"). people are racist and they are really desperate to show it.

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On Pineapple Milkshakes and De Koonings

I cried a fair bit reading Hitchens's "Mortality". I guess if Nora Ephron had written her own account of her experience it might have made me cry too but this reads cold for whatever reason. It didn't even occur to me to feel sad until I read the comments, which is so strange!

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On What Made You a Feminist?

How many of the people involved in all of these discussions are non-white? There's backlash re: feminism among woc (class and race-based critiques etc) - just wondering if it's a small section of woc or... if everyone is white bc of all the feminism love going on in this post

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On The Hoax Exposer

my mind immediately screams LIMEYBEAN whenever i see something about faking anything online... and now i will actually read this.

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On D Average

@litothela i think weather and safety-wise it's pretty much perfect, but socially/culturally... not so much. i feel like i'm bringing the ambiance of this thread down but it's important to think of hawaii as a Real Place with its own problems, rather than some imagined paradise.

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On D Average

@Blushingflwr "hawaii residents"/"people from hawaii"? i'm not an ambassador or anything but that's how it normally goes

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On D Average

@iceberg i guess if you didn't know that hawaii was its own country before white people came, then yeah you wouldn't know? it's not necessarily usa-centric knowledge... i mean i don't think even most americans know much about hawaii's history pre-pearl harbor

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On D Average

@iceberg OT but it's really weird when people use "hawaiian" when they mean hawaii residents. (unless you really mean you want only native hawaiians.)

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