On Halloween Advent Calendar 2014: Estate Jewelry

These are amazing, Monica!The posy ring in particular was a little chilling, but I'll take the Lalique ring for keeps.

Forever and ever and ever.

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On Stories Like Passwords

This, coupled with Mallory's piece today on The Toast has really been excellent.

And I'm echoing TenyaLuna above: Hairpin, I think I'm crushing on you again!

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On Lessons My Closet Taught Me

@chickpeas akimbo

God, I hope and pray it will be.

Thank you, Arabelle! Thank you, Haley!

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On Ask a Dietitian: Wine Time, Fruit Soup, Our Forbidden Lover (Diet Coke)

@Nicole @twitter I was wondering about that too.

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On Today's Forecast for Jupiter and Saturn: A Furious Rain of Molten Diamonds

I guess this is where Kelly Osbourne sourced er diamond nail polish. At least now we know it's conflict-free!

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On Friday Open Thread

@coolallison that's how it started for me in my early thirties. Here I am now with a beautiful little one-year-old walking around.

And I couldn't *fathom* having a drooling, crying, feral baby before.

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On I Do Care. I Don’t Love It.

Gender norma-whaaa? I just fucking hate gamists.

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On I Do Care. I Don’t Love It.

Sarah Miller is a bit of a misogynist?

Well, I am feeling misogamistic toward Sarah Miller!!!!1

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On Dating a Closeted Bi Guy, Discovering a Boob Fetish, and Sleeping With Twins

Breasts are sexualized in our culture to a large extent. I don't think that LW#2 should feel weird at all.

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On New Music: White Denim, Okkervil River, Julianna Barwick, The Blow



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