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On The bell hooks Hotline: For When You'd Rather Not Give Out Your Number

@KevinP It's also not easy to try and figure out whether the dude I want to say "no" to is going to politely accept that or become rude, aggressive, or flat-out murderous.

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On NYT Magazine's Hillary Cover Makes No Sense: A Brief Scientific Chat

yes please more like this all the time forever. I love it so much.

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On Your Ontological Nightmare of the Week

Not gonna lie, I am actually a little disappointed that the one about Gordon Ramsay clips edited to sound like he's giving sex advice isn't real.

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On A Day in the Life of The Dopeass Tea Wizard

It has been two days and I still keep coming back to this and cackling/revising my life plan, WHY DO YOU DO THESE THINGS TO ME HAIRPIN

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On A Revenge Scenario For Student Loan Borrowers

@stuffisthings If you want to guarantee access to everyone




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On An Open Letter to Omar al-Bashir, President of Sudan

@nyikint I think this also might be an opportunity to talk about ways to be most effective in international development on an individual level. If not college activism, then what?

Yes yes yes exactly. I'd like to see this balanced out a little more with what some good alternatives might be. I enjoy mocking tragedy tourism that calls itself activism (and what I've seen called, in a term that I absolutely love, "conscience porn"), as much as the next self-flagellating middle-class white girl, but, you know, wanting to improve the world is hardly an ignoble motivation and maybe we can draw attention to genuinely productive ways of doing that?

(Or at the very least we can talk about the problem of neo-liberal campaigns that are actually about preparing students, more than anything else, for work as part of the late-stage capitalist ouroboros, and fuck late-stage capitalism, but I will admit that with me, pretty much everything comes back to "fuck late-stage capitalism".)

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On Redefining Rape: Talking to Estelle Freedman About Street Harassment and Intersectionality in the Early 20th Century

oh hello wishlist here's another addition to your fine "one day I will read you all" party!

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On The Male Profession’s Female Relative

@theharpoon @YFN Dentonista@twitter @Becks seriously though, yeah. In theory I am slightly less annoyed by "The ___'s Daughter" because the ___ in question could be a woman? But I suspect, for some reason, who knows why, just a wild gut feeling, that it generally is not.

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On The Male Profession’s Female Relative

@YFN Dentonista@twitter I set a bone in your mother last night.

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On More Shocking Snack Food News

@farowl Relatedly, Sean Bean: not a legume at all.

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