By Nutellaface on A Chat With The Hairpin's New Editor, Emma Carmichael

@stuffisthings Nascarstark

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By Emby on Pretty Clothes

Hahahahaha "punk." Had I been invited, I suppose I'd have shown up in baggy JNCOs with a wallet chain and an A-shirt. (Mine was the very worst generation to try to take up the punk mantle.)

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By zeytin on Leaving Westboro Baptist: An Interview

For those people saying, "she was fourteen, she should have gotten out because she should have known the difference between wrong and right," I think we should keep in mind that she was emotionally abused by her father. You don't say to an abused person, "well, you could have just left". Maybe she does need to be more honest with herself about the impact of her actions on other people, but man, have a little compassion. Just because she didn't grow up with it since birth doesn't erase the fact that her parents basically broke her down (calling her a whore and isolating her from her friends), and built her back up with their beliefs. That is classic brainwashing. She still needs to realize she hurt people, but I have more compassion for her than most of you seem to. She has no family now because she left the church. She has a lot of stuff to work through. Maybe it is really hard to admit that you got caught up in the cycle of abuse and abused others. But maybe she will get there. She probably needs years of therapy to sort it out.

Edit: Just realized all this was discussed above, didn't read whole thread before responding.

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By Derbel McDillet on D Average

@par_parenthese Yes! The drive-thru liquor store in the town I lived in sold eggnog slushies during the winter season. They were essentially boozy vanilla milkshakes! And there was a "family size"!

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By frigwiggin on D Average

Well, California isn't in the top 10 or the bottom 10. Mediocrity ahoy!

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By leonstj on D Average

big D....spacing...big A...OH MAN IT'S D'ANGELO NEWS!!!!

Oh wait. It just turns out living everywhere is kinda....meh. I guess D's get degrees, though.

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By Clare on The Grammys, Briefly


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By Hellcat on Jane Marie, What's Actually in Your Makeup Bag Right Now?

@LeafySeaDragon I thought mine were thinning out a while back too and started using mascaras that claim to promote growth. I was skeptical but I swear that Physician's Formula helped--it's a beige tube with a green leafy looking top on it (not waterproof). The design is kind of stupid and the leaf makes it feel a little awkward to hold, but I thought it was nice for a cheap drugstore brand. I tried to buy it again but all I saw was the waterproof version, which I bought and which is also nice but insanely hard (for me, anyway) to remove. I like mascara to come off when I wash my face as usual but this seems to require more elbow grease more than that. Bah.

Sort of related--does anyone else ever have this happen: you wipe off your mascara and, somehow, beneath your bottom lashes is the perfect amount and smudginess, eyeliner style? It makes me so mad because I suck at eyeliner (yes, even when I want it to be sort of messy) so I don't bother. Then I get it by accident? What the hell is that? Same thing happens when I put my hair up to wash my face: I get the perfect, public-worthy messy bun-clump thing... but I can never reproduce it on purpose!

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By almighty jugs on Jane Marie, What's Actually in Your Makeup Bag Right Now?

@hands_down BLACK HONEY. I'm on my third tube. i <3 u, honie

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By smidge on Friday Bargain Bin: Super Bowl Weekend

@Kristen Get one of those mini looms you can make bracelets on!

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