On A Chat With The Hairpin's New Editor, Emma Carmichael

@Roaring Girl From 9-5 M-F I morph into the monster that is Andy, a super hot, hip, and whiny 16-year-old that rules an ironic mock-'80s Jewish summer camp.

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On Pretty Clothes

I was too lazy to go through the whole gallery or even all of these comments before posting but I have FEELINGS and need to express them!

From my notes (didn't *you* take notes too?):
- Diane Kruger & Joshua Jackson: When are they going to start making babies to populate New Earth?
- Kate Bosworth: D-*:
- Katy Perry: She may be the only one that got the memo- MET. ART. WEAR IT.
- January Jones: Fun!
- Solange Knowles: ♥ Never lets me down.
- Linda Evangelista: Still got it.
- Kirsten Dunst: Still the Bestest Bewbs.
- Naomie Harris & Amber Heard: Prettiest Award.
- Elle Fanning- I like the crazy matchy eye-makeup. OCD middle school me would totally rock that look given the opportunity.
- Coco Rocha: Too Cute (not sure what I meant).
- Lily Collins & Jamie Campbell-Bower: YES; Best-Dressed Couple. I think they totally embodied the original intended spirit of the gala.
- Carolyn Murphy: Still have a crush on her classy, gentle beauty.
- Stella Tennant: Badass.

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On Pretty Clothes

@Bittersweet You mean ¡PûNk~*

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On Pretty Clothes

@hallelujah AGH! That print makes me so angry! All the floral this spring keeps me repeatedly ranting (often to my poor husband), "WHY IS EVERYONE DRESSING LIKE FULL HOUSE RERUNS."

I will say nothing about the shape other than it makes her look very shapely... BUT. The devil on my shoulder is smirking and chortling, "Forever 21 Presents MTV's Teen Mom Couture."

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On The Insecurity Pie

@RNL AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANNNNND this is The Hairpin I know and love and have been missing.

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On Being a Jessica and an Elizabeth

@MaxBraverman RANDY KIRWAN, with his PAUL NEWMAN-like blue eyes... oh, how I desperately needed Wikipedia back in the day for all of those references...

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On And the Winner of the 2013 Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show Is...

@parallel-lines Go for this guy instead: http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/24941751

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On Superbowl Monday

@WineRanger I caught her napping at least twice. ♥♥♥♥♥

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On Sex vs. Happiness

@fondue with cheddar Former chef husband has denied this request multiple times for fear of an oil burn on his thingum. Him cooking in boxers + flowery apron I made in 7th grade will do *just fine*.

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On Sex vs. Happiness

From my own personal case study with Mr. (non-)Hoarder, I have obtained data that reflects the exact opposite of these findings.

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