On Excerpts From The December 2014 Vogue, Presented Without Commentary

What was in the box?! I'm guessing soaps, but I want to know for sure

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On A Relationship in Two Tiny Garments

@punzy I have a similar slip dress. The difference is that it is lined so as not to be see through.
Although, I tend to wear it as a shirt, because sometimes when I go out, I like to sit down.

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On The Baggage Pie

@iwearaFEZnow that makes two of us.

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On “This book is a warning of how bad things can get for a single man looking for beautiful, feminine, sexy women"

And the fact that Danish men are ridiculously hot has nothing to do with it.

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On Disney Princesses Dressed in the Style of the Year Their Movies Came Out

a princess regardless of her immediate circumstances. Even if she hasn't married her prince yet, she's still a princess deep down. @stuffisthings

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On Disney Princesses Dressed in the Style of the Year Their Movies Came Out

I'm confused by 2012. Was I supposed to have been dressing like that last year? I don't remember that being fashionable.

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On Manly Me

@melis She does. She's friends with Ginny. She doesn't have many friends, though. Harry and Ron are the only people in her year that like her, and they only hang out with her because of the troll incident.

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On The CrazySexyCool Pie

@yeah-elle I JUST made the connection. Boy was I dumb as a kid.

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On "What" a Note to Follow "So": Why I Am the Baroness

@MilesofMountains They live in Austria. A boarding school in Switzerland is not that big of a deal. Also, giving the political climate, it would have saved a lot of trouble. And the Captain would not have had his daughter hooking up with a Nazi. And the final draw, if they were unable to keep a governess, there's a good chance that their formal education stopped when their mother died. All Maria taught them was how to sing. Those kids need a real education.

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On Let's Talk a Bit About the Woman Who Regrets Her Kids

@Alli525 she loves her husband, she misses her freedom. She just didn't want children. She hates the time she's lost. She may not be the best writer, but she clearly has emotions.

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