I have a fiance but no wedding date. I have two insane cats and a twitter at @dustwindbun. I work in IT customer service, listen to pop music, and have trouble bra shopping. also, I AM ONE HUNDRED FEET TALL!

On Beauty Q&A: Grays, OTKs, and Sleeping in Rollers

hi everyone is already gone from this post but! i had to share my gray-hair story. mine started turning in college (i'm now 30) and i just don't care. i have dark brown hair otherwise and what i like to think of as silver hairs all along my part and temples. mostly people don't say anything, but the only comments i've ever had are people who thought i had it done on purpose and wanted to know how. (oh and my boyfriend likes it the rare occasions when i semipermanent-dye it, because he worries that people will think i am a creepy cougar because he is babyface mcyoungerton at 28).
when people ask me about my silvers(!) i like to tell them that i was bombarded by cosmic rays and now i turn into Mr. Fantastic. (or this year, i might have to start saying that i'm Mitt Romney in disguise...)

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On That's What She's Saying

@Craftastrophies @mouthalmighty In high school, one of my best friends had a 3-year-old sister, and we were all really fond of her, but we accidentally taught her to swear - there's nothing cuter and funnier than, "Play with me Mikey. -No, I'm busy. -You shithead!"

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On The World's Most Perfect Christmas Playlist

@Lucienne @leon.saintjean I always want to hear it this way too, and I'm sure that was how it was intended, but the last few years I just can't hear anything but creepy, thanks to my anxiety/paranoia problems getting worse. ANXIETY, WHY YOU RUIN CHRISTMAS?

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On The World's Most Perfect Christmas Playlist

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On The World's Most Perfect Christmas Playlist

@Lucienne but he's also refusing to take her home! he's trying to get her drunk, and refusing to take her home. CREEPY. Esther Williams or not, still creepy.

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On The World's Most Perfect Christmas Playlist

@leon.saintjean @Lucienne oh god "Baby It's Cold Outside" drives me nuts. SO DATE RAPEY. NOT OK.
But "Last Christmas" is just fine by me. I learned to deal with it, and all that is George Michael in the Wham! era thanks to my boyfriend, who loves "Careless Whisper" and is every stereotype of a fabulous gay man except for the being gay part (yes I checked).

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On The World's Most Perfect Christmas Playlist

so you're telling us... your favorite carol is O Holy Night?
*snickers at own sarcasm*

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On Fun New Rings

@dj pomegranate YES! a laserdiamondweapon would definitely be relevant to my interests.

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On Fun New Rings

@shiv I got told that because I got a $100 'fashion' sweet-sixteen-y diamond ring (.05 carat! the smallest you can sell with a carat weight before it becomes just a 'chip'! and 10k gold for sturdiness/cheapness!) for my 'engagement'* ring 6 years ago that my man didn't really love me. And I told those bitches that obviously he loves me more than theirs loves them because he bought me *exactly what I wanted*.

*yes I've technically been engaged for 6 years, but that's because we don't actually intend to get married.

so yes, what? 2k? if my man was going to give me 2k of anything, I'd ask for LASIK instead of jewelry, because lasers are far more entertaining than diamonds! (and if I wear it and it costs more than $200, I don't want it for fear of losing/damaging.)

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On The Scientifically Perfect Shower

@likethestore @ilikemints yes this. I have been known when sick and/or cranky to take showers consisting of only staring/boiling and no washing at all - it feels strangely shameful and yet liberating.

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