@ohmy Free to Vote is a campaign to add an affirmative right to vote to the Constitution: http://www.freetovote.org/free-to-vote?source=vra_partner_dk_em

Restore Voting Rights is exactly what it sounds like: http://restorevotingrights.org/

On the tribal sovereignty front, I've had trouble finding a specific campaign in response to yesterday's ruling. However, Indian Country Today has great coverage of the case and some of the issues involved: http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/

You could also support the Lakota People's Law Project at http://lakotalaw.org/, which supports amending, strengthening, and enforcing the ICWA and restoring rights of the parents of more than 2,200 Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota who have basically been removed through state sanctioned kidnapping and placed with white families-- a practice so widespread and culturally destructive that a more accurate name for it would be genocide.

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On Why Did You Lose Him?

Nasty, thieving hobbitses...!

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On Ask a Glutton Who Wants to Help

@vunder One thing my boyfriend and I kind of like to do is egg rolls filled with whatever. He makes some good ones that are basically slaw mix, chili oil, soy sauce, and ground pork. I've filled them with mashed butternut squash with chili powder and that is messy but wonderful. I'd think you could fill them with any hot mixture really. We've talked about filling them with spinach and feta.

If people are standing around snacking (or really want separate batches due to diet stuff/allergies) you can definitely fry them shut on the stovetop. However, we've also had good luck baking them (basically we put them in corner-side down at 350, the best starting temperature for all made-up things, then flip them once after we see browning). That way you can do a whole sheet at once. Usually we just spray them both sides with cooking spray, because we're lazy. They're not quite as crispy as doing them on the stove, but they're still pretty great.

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On Ask a Glutton Who Wants to Help

@Jizzcliner Ooh, that makes sense. In that case I suppose the high turnover in our cafeteria could actually make it worse, since there's not going to be a ton of time to clean those properly.

I actually don't really like the Keurigs, but they're the only option in my office to not go buy coffee every time (one of the joys of non-profit work). When we moved offices, the bosses bought a bunch of them and it was heralded as this amazing gift... Then they never bought K-cups for them ever again (another joy of non-profit work, and of crappy management). If they hadn't done that, I would have snuck in an electric kettle and a French press. Sometimes I still think I should...

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On Ask a Glutton Who Wants to Help

@Jizzcliner Thanks, this is actually really helpful/not snobbish at all! I've been noticing kind of a funky taste at the end of the coffee I buy lately (mostly cafeteria coffee that sits in those carafes, but it's a hospital so the coffee should turn over pretty quickly, you would think) and wondering if it's just me. I'm guessing it's probably the sour taste you're referring to. (Although if it is Starbucks, which for some reason cafeterias brag about having, then it is definitely bitter and heartburn inducing on top of the funk. Yum!)

Oddly, the dumb Keurig machines my office has make pretty good coffee. I bring in one of those Ekobrew things and my own coffee, and even if I used pre-ground stuff that is definitely lasting me more than 2 weeks, it's a million times better.

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On Ask a Glutton Who Wants to Help

@Mae Savory pancakes are good too. My boyfriend and I make corn and cilantro ones, then top with salsa and sour cream (although we use Greek yogurt because why not, you can put it on anything). They're good with a side of garlicky greens if you're feeling fancy/not actually depressed. And the original recipe was actually for basil, for those people out there who don't like cilantro.

Baked sweet potatoes are also really good with yogurt on them. Basically keep around full fat Greek yogurt, that way you can heat up any vegetable and add something rich and comforting at the end.

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On Ask a Glutton Who Wants to Help

@S. Elizabeth Yes to the yogurt! For a while I wondered if I was missing something and there was some reason you shouldn't put jam on yogurt, because I wanted to but never saw anyone do it. Turns out there is no reason, go for it!

Currently I use fig spread and some kind of generic Grape Nuts. It's amazing.

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On How to Behave on Your Online Date: A Bartender’s Perspective

@Springtime for Voldemort Yeah, I think I read it as making fun of the dumb patriarchal belief that the man should definitely be paying (and if it goes well your dad will be signing you over to him soon enough), and others are reading it as making fun the lady sitting at the bar entertaining that belief-- if only for a doubting minute.

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On How to Behave on Your Online Date: A Bartender’s Perspective

I don't know, I kind of liked the "like he's your new dad" comment. I often trip over that stuff and it's helpful to remember how ridiculous I'm being. Duh, of course I can pay for my own! What's the big deal? I don't really find the reality check that mean.

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On "Good Guys" Told

@Smatherine I ruined "that's what she said" for my boyfriend right fucking quick by turning to him and saying, deadpan, "You're right. That's exactly what I just said."

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