On A Weekend Roundup and a Goodbye

Good luck, Emma! You were lovely to have around these parts. I am very excited to see your work on Jezebel.

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On Who Owns the Monkey Selfie?

This just seems like most bizarre thing that could have happened regarding selfies and animals.

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On Weekend Roundup

Love you, Jia. Have a good weekend!

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On The Treachery of Cheetos

That is super creepy looking. No thank you.

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On Sex Manual Returned to New York Public Library 54 Years Past Due Date

@BattyRabbit It always sounds like something to do with volcanoes because it sound like magma to me.

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On Who Will Protest the Anti-Choice Protesters?

Yay for people from my home state being awesome!

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On Celebrating One Year of Prince George, My Favorite Celebrity

His little cheeks are so nom-abale.

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On Boy Meets World: The Lost Episodes

I love this so much, Sophie. Especially the drawings.

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On 12 Going on 13: A Poem From My Diary in 1989

"I’m going to tell you about my trip to Florida.
I saw my first drug deal. The end."- This pretty much summarizes my junior year of high school.

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On Preexisting Conditions

This was really lovely.

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