By adorable-eggplant on Yogurt Ghosts Laughing Alone With Salad on Their Heads

That last one is perfect! The mix of yogurt and lettuce gives me the shivers, but the artistry is undeniable.

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By inthepost on The Zombie Apocalypse, "Shark Week," and My Great-Grandmother’s Vengeful Ghost Screams


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By Gleemonex on Don't Be Afraid to Talk About Abortion

YES!!! I have, luckily, never been faced with the decision to terminate or not terminate, but I support my and EVERY LAST ONE OF Y'ALL'S right to do so without interference. The thing about the "sympathetic abortion story" -- while it's useful in getting anti-choicers to perhaps reconsider their hardline stance -- is that it's actually none of anyone else's business *why,* except the person who is having the abortion.

(Inappropriate Tone Shift Alert: Remember when Jerry tried to return that jacket on Seinfeld, and they asked him why, and he answered truthfully, "Spite," and because of that, they wouldn't take it? As if the reason mattered enough to deny him the consumer's right ... ).

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By Lisa Frank on Don't Be Afraid to Talk About Abortion

YES! I'm really tired that sometimes even reproductive rights advocates take this moralizing tone. I want to live in a world where abortion has no stigma. Where it is treated like every other minor health procedure. (Yes, for women who have to terminate a wanted pregnancy, it's heartbreaking.) But for many more women it is a relief!

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By sulpicius subuculus on Our Eyebrows, Our Selves

marissa cooper's hipbones

destroying the egos of teenage girls since 2003

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By Lily Hudson on What's The Deal With These Flesh Prisons?

LMFPICABO (laughing my flesh prison I call a body off)

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By friendofmyyouth on Assimilation #1

Yay for the return of poetry to the 'pin!

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By tea for all on Assimilation #1

i love this.

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By and it's not even my birthday on What Rhymes with Netflix?

That poster looks like it would be at home on Tracy Jordan's dressing room wall in 30 Rock...if the character of Tracy Jordan were different in a couple ways.

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By shalalas on What Rhymes with Netflix?


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