On Ghosts Of My Youth

This is so haunting and beautiful.

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On 13 Things That All Women in Their Twenties Who Are Possessed by Lucifer, Prince of Darkness, Are Sick Of Hearing

Oh Anna, you know exactly what I am thinking.

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On A Letter to My Future Daughter

I can't stop laughing at this.

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On Assimilation #1

I laughed so loud at this. It's so great.

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On Items At A Specialty Grocery Store

Dammit, KAREN!

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On A Very Garfunkel and Oates Hello

Welcome, Meredith!

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On The Best Time I Ate Saladcake on a Dare to Win a Prom Date

@kellyography Totally. Right in the feels

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On What We Talk About When We Talk About Deep V-Necks on Men

Well, I am shocked.

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On #Ferguson

This breaks my heart so much.

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On Overheard at a Labor Video Viewing Party

No. Just no.

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