On Mourning Jewelry Curator Sarah Nehama on Death and Keepsakes

Perfect! Maybe a Sunday sometime? I work saturdays but I would LOVE to do a 'pinner meet up!

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On Friday Bargain Bin: What to Do With Your Allowance This Week

With my allowance (read: money I should be saving) I bought a trip to the aquarium with my mama, a great sashimi dinner, and a fake leather jacket to replace my destroyed/old one. My mom bought me a faaabulous new haircut and highlights (thanks mommy!) and some groceries.
Good 2 days. I see my sister next week, too! :)
Sidenote-- when I moved out of state in September, I never imagined the missing-my-family aspect would be so prominent, at age 22. I know I sound like a huge baby, and I love living here and would do it again, but man, it's rough. :(

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On New Music: Passion Pit, No Doubt, Madonna, D E N A

@Jkizzlemurphy I know :( I was worried that would happen. Bummer.

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On Ask a Med Student

They're SUPPOSED to be, but if you have a bone on the top of your foot AND high arches do NOT buy them. The rest of the shoe will break in, but that part will forever feel like someone is directly stabbing a nerve. Seriously, those things hurt so much it made me feel like I was going to throw up.
(to be fair, I tend to work 10+ hour shifts, but it didnt take that long for them to hurt.)

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On Friday Open Thread

Hey guys, how does one start a social life from scratch? been in this city for about 9 months now and i have awful, awful social habits. my job has long, night hours and no consistent days off (waitress ugh).
Even though most of the ppl i work with are sort of jerks, I like a few people... but when i'm off work, they're there.
I'm lonely, guys! Also, lazy. terrible combo. Anyone in Boston wanna meet up on my next day off?
on the bright side, i just spent a shitton on my personal training package yesterday! I've been saying i want to do this for years. I'm sort of terrified. (I'm in the worst shape of my life, ironically, also. Ah well)

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On How to Cope With a Break-Up

I just sort of ended things with my bf of 5 months on Monday. It had been a while coming, but I'm not sure why...definitely my issue, not his, he was always sweet and really into me. THEN I had to go and have a nice dream about him that night, and now I'm sadder. And I miss him. I'm still unsure if it was the right decision, or if it wasn't. And now I'm just confused.
I need a handbook for life, I am doing it terribly.

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On Friday Open Thread

Whatttt there was a Boston Pinup?? I was working anyway, but still. Is there a next one planned as of yet?

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On Why You Can’t Be The Prettiest Girl in the World

I might have the worlds most terrible ankles. But I'm comforted to know no one could possibly declare them so (except myself). Well, not that comforted i guess.

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On Short Lists

I am also 50% German, the rest is Irish, Scottish, and English, and I am the WORST drinker I know. No, for real. I can get Drunk off of one drink occasionally. It's really really sad. Probably not for my liver, but definitely for my social life.

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On How to Bring Your Lunch to Work: A Guide

@julia okay, so this is really weird. my name is Julia and i'm a student and I have stats right after lunch. Was doing hwk today during. ARE YOU ME.
Also, the dining hall food os gross even to my undiscerning tastes, so that's good news for my diet! hahaha. ....my life is sad.

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