Queer lady, South Australian, smartarse.

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I keep trying to defend well-meaning-if-tone-deaf men, because I don't want to admit to myself that most men are absolute shitheads, probably just because I don't want to admit that my chances of ever finding a man to tolerate, never mind love, are even slimmer than I actually thought. But I'm sort of tired of mental gymnastics, and at this point I just have to say seriously fuck and to hell with men. Will life be simpler if I stop having any expectations that most men are any more than entitled whining douchebags?

ETA: this isn't really me being sarcastic. This is me being fucking tired. I'm just fucking tired of fucking everything and everyone and I hate men and I hate this fucking planet. (Yes, planet, and I know an alphabetical list of other class-M planets in the Alpha Quadrant I could move to once someone develops warp drive because hello fellow geeks.)

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Hmmm. The tenor of pieces like this always remind me of the incredibly selfish and short-sighted people I knew in college who always looked askance at me for caring about the condition of the world and perhaps ruining their fun by pointing out unsavory facts about places they shopped or artists they loved (I was likely a prat about it. Not defending me here). Now they're on my facebook wall admonishing me to care about Issue X, because the world their children will inherit isn't good enough, and don't I KNOW that BAD THINGS are happening????!?!?!?

Yeah, I know. I've always known. Because I had empathy for others well before my own personal life experiences forced it out of me. Some of it is probably partially due to my female socialization in a patriarchal culture, that still demands I give head-pats and warm fuzzies to men who have really basic epiphanies about the humanity of women. Sorry, I mean, "females".

For fuck's sake...

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Cry me a fucking river, Lawrence.

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By Megasus on Explanations

Why didn't you pitch this to fucking Kotaku? I am being serious. Or one of the other five million gamer websites that already espouse your view about "females."

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By Slutface on 500 Days Alone In: The World

@Faceless Bureaucrat You went to all the trouble of creating an account and that's all you could come up with? Oh...you're cute.

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@stonetongue In case you hadn't noticed, not a single one of those comments was on how they found the locally-made sausage. The interesting part was how privilege-blind the interview part was, because we expect better from The 'Pin.

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@cbrownson Plump Canadians, man. They're so pretty and young, they almost distract you from the genocide.

If the Hairpin publishes another post by a privileged white boy going on an adventure, I'm going to lose my shit.

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By Nicole Cliffe on Talking About #FemFuture

@klemay I think that the anti-trans segment of the radfem community has scared away many people who would otherwise identify as such? Obviously, that is not ALL of radfem, or even most, but the anti-trans wing is extremely, extremely noisy.

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@klemay Transexclusionary radfem? Nopetopus to the max.

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@Slutface until he ran into that plump Canadian

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