On Ask Baba Yaga: How Can I Get Over A Terrible Boss?

::thinks about previous horrible, bitchy, severe anger-issue boss in this manner::

Nope, still hate her. Die bitch die!

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On The Best Time I Was a Teenage Ayn Rand Worshipper

Great essay! I too have a shameful past with Ayn Rand. At my grandmother's urging I read "Atlas Shrugged", but I was older, 21. When I finished I thought, "She makes some good points." Then I thought, "Wait a minute…all those poor people died…and that speech… and that rich-man's 'utopia'… Oh holy fuck, that bitch was evil. And so is my grandmother! I'll never touch Rand again."

We've all been there. Admit it! We all have our shameful Ayn Rand secrets.

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On Medical Student Syndrome

I won't click over to Slate but I believe that about med students. I work at a med journal that focuses on neurosurgery, and the first year turned me into a major hypochondriac. I would read, "Patient presented with a headache. Within 12 hours patient was deceased," and I'd say, "Oh shit, I have a headache right now! I'm dead!" I mean these were totally normally people who presented with the most minor ailment and then they'd die or end up paralyzed or something terrible. Now I look at those twisted spines and giant brain tumors and just go, meh, I'm probably fine.

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On February Horoscopes from Galactic Rabbit

"Sagittarius, you better love what you do and do it well. Instead of under-estimating your intuition, revel in your un-failing ability to build your life up from scratch."

Wow. I actually really needed to hear that today.

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On "Lady/ Assaulted As Teenager/ Or Current Business"

It is horrifying the way some businesses cull your personal info and then sell it off. I can't imagine someone being so cruel and callous as to sell a list of rape victims or AIDs patients to marketers. That is really disgusting.

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On NYT Magazine's Hillary Cover Makes No Sense: A Brief Scientific Chat

This chat is hilarious!

But whoever made that cover should seriously be fired. It's the dumbest thing I've seen all year. But it is only January, so time remains!

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On What I've Learned From Three Years Without Shampoo

This is really interesting and I'm also kind of tempted to try this. I also do nothing to my hair--no color, no curling, I never even blow dry it. (In the summer, when I'm on vacation, I do like to wash my hair in the lake water. My god it comes out so soft.)

How long did you have to go without washing your hair before you started with the baking soda and vinegar solution?

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On Americans Have Either Stopped Reading Books or Stopped Lying About It

I found the article about overwork really fascinating. This is a subject I think about a lot, as a young healthy person with a livable income but certainly no riches. I could definitely make a lot more money if I picked up a side gig--part time at the local Petsmart, or doing freelance work like the majority of my coworkers. It would be smart to maximize the money while I'm young and invest it heavily for when I'm older.

But dammit, I don't want to work all the time. I like free time. This whole concept of "work constantly or you're worthless" is very new; a century ago, leisure time was prized. You were expected to have free time to pursue hobbies, like art, music, reading, and philosophy. Nowadays, having free time is viewed as being wasteful and a poor choice. I think that's awful. I could be earning a lot more money if I picked up side work. But dammit, I like sitting in my armchair on Saturday afternoons listening to Mozart and reading Dorothy Sayers. I'm not willing to give that up.

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On The Best Time I Learned My Last Name Means Blow Job

Great essay, very funny!

I went to school with three different kids whose last names were Babcock, Hancock, and Glasscock. And I lived for a few years on a street named Woodcock. It was difficult to order food ("Woodcock? Like I'm falling for that one!" ::click::) and the street sign in our yard was stolen eight times in the five years I lived there. And also, the Babcocks lived next store.

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On On the Brain-Dead Texas Woman Being Kept Alive to Gestate a Fetus

I don't know why we're all upset. I thought "The Handmaid's Tale" was an excellent book.

Wait, this is for realz? ::crawls in corner and sobs::

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