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On Books That Beat Their Iconic Sister-Books: Jane Eyre vs. Villette

Thank you so much for recommending this. Really. I just finished reading it and was so incredibly moved. Even as I was reading I kept thinking, "Is this my new favorite book?! I think it is!" I cried so many times! I've never wanted to know a main character or author so much as after reading Villette! Oh Lucy Snowe/Charlotte Bronte, would that we could be friends and take strolls in alleyways where we walk arm and arm! Or just sit quietly in the same room together and read to ourselves!

This book!
And all the Popery?!
The way that M. Emmanuel always appears as this dark, shadowy blob every time he enters a scene?!
The ending?!
The NUN?!
It is all of it perfection!

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On Texts From Scarlett O'Hara

I am so ticked off that I only found this today. Melis, you are a hilarious varmit.

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Miniature Tea Sets

This seems like the perfect place to admit that I've looked at SO MANY (too many?) pictures of you at other people's weddings, Esther.

Why yes, I am a creep. Thanks for asking!

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Short Dates

I'm a terrible liar too! One time this boy told me that it was endearing and I was so annoyed because he kind of implied that I was ernest/naive. NO, BOY! I'm just a bad liar!
AND I love the sound effects on this one. Esp for the perfume. TSSS!

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On A Guide to Finding Sunglasses for Lesser-known Face Shapes

@Brunhilde I think that mask that the Elephant Man wore had a little glass slit for him to see out of. Thats kind of like sunglasses.

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On A Guide to Finding Sunglasses for Lesser-known Face Shapes

Open Face
Smear a little cream cheese over your eyes and place half a pimento stuffed olive over each lid.

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On The Best Time I Rescued Patrick Stewart

I have also encountered Patrick Stewart!

I was in London and at a theater to watch Ian McKellen and Frances De La Tour in a play (Jesus, do I sound fancy or what). During intermission, I went out into the lobby and -- lo and behold! -- there was Patrick Stewart standing in front of a mirrored wall by the bar! You know, just out on the town, visiting his pal Magneto, NBD. He turned toward the mirrored wall for a second and we MADE EYE CONTACT VIA THE MIRROR. And that was it.

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On Transcript of an Awkward Phone Conversation With My Mother

@Inkcrafter What if it's spelled titz?

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On The League of Ordinary Ladies: Postcard From Paris

@The Kendragon A friend recently exclaimed to me, "Ugh, why are boys so weird and dumb?!" after we'd spent about an hour over analyzing brief conversations she'd had with her boyfriend. But seriously, Ugh!

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On Girls on Tape

Mine might be called "In the Pink" and would be about how I can occasionally hear the boys next door when their lady friends spend the night.

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