On "What's the Worst Thing That's Woken You Up in the Dead of Night?"

I woke up to a light tickling on my arm. As my sleepy brain tried to process the sensation I twitched and immediately felt an intense stinging pain in my elbow. I jumped out of bed screaming and flipped on the lights to discover a wasp had crawled into bed with me.

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On Friday Open Thread

@darklingplain Good advice I got from a friend: "You are a great person, and I don't feel the way about you I should for us to continue/get more involved" I like this because it keeps the reasons for breaking up about myself and my feelings, not about him.

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On Friday Open Thread

@The Everpresent Wordsnatcher This is the recipe for the richest fudgiest brownies I have ever had: http://recipes.epicurean.com/recipe/1992/outrageous-brownies.html

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On All Things Converge

@mackymoo I had a very similar break up situation 2 years ago and honestly navigating the emotional intimacy boundaries is still difficult for me. I think everyone's advice to have a period of no contact is essential. And yes, you define exactly as you stated: tremendous amounts of goodwill but you need space to break the old habits of the emotional intimacy. So you both can figure out/change your habits of who that first person you look to for emotional support is.

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On The Bestworst Guy

This is timely as I have been thinking about BestWorst guy way too much lately.

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On Friday Open Thread

@thebestjasmine @Daisy Razor This is fantastic!

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On Happy Birthday, Jane Marie!

I share my birthday with Jane!!!! Happy Birthday Jane!!!

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On Long Distances, "Terribleness," and the Skin-Crawly Feeling

@packedsuitcase My grandmother claims the best advice she ever got when her 1st husband left her was to build a life that made her happy. Not in the expectation of a partner because that isn't guaranteed but that she alone could be happy with. She gave me the same advice and it has been working very well. I am single but I am happy : )

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On Long Distances, "Terribleness," and the Skin-Crawly Feeling

@dracula's ghost Yes! I wish someone had told me to break up with my high school boyfriend! I stayed with him for another 7 years, and while he is a really great guy, I missed out. I am working on making up for it now but my college experience could have been so much more fun! Long distance relationships are hard and as a college freshman is not the time to try to manage one.

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On Rejection, Bigotry, and Vanilla With Sprinkles

"pin me down, pull my hair, fuck me hard, and take me" Oh yes!! I have always had such a hard time explaining to my partners exactly what I want. Thank you LW4 for giving me the perfect words! And perhaps framing it to your very sweet sounding lady as something that makes you feel good might help. Good luck!

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