@Jinxie Beasts that come out of the ground to crawl on you and your food!! It truly must be a frightening place.

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@Jinxie I always tell people there's a reason only one coast rhymes with "Best".

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On Daisy, You're a Drip, Dear: Detestable Literary Characters Who Are Not Technically Villains

@charlottecorday FUCK YOU WITH ALL OF THE FUCKS I HAVE TO GIVE ANGEL CLARE. (And not like in a fun way....) He gets my nomination for biggest gaping asshole in all of English Literature. I still can barely think about TotD without rage spasms.

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On We Are All Pregnant Again

Cerulean Nasturtium.

It just rolls of the tongue!

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On "Good Guys" Told

@whizz_dumb I don't know. I think everyone's allowed to talk about whatever they like as long as they keep it thoughtful and respectful. And I think asking for relationship advice is sort of what the FOT was created for. I'm usually interested in a thoughtful/respectful point of view even if the holder is (godforbid) male.

That said, the importance of doing work at work cannot be discounted.

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On Explanations

@bitzyboozer The point could definitely be made, but he doesn't make it, and I think that's why a lot of people are reacting negatively to the article. That's why I reacted negatively to it.

What he essentially says is "I felt threatened by the presence of women in my special sphere of interest because it meant that I had no excuse for not getting laid. I realized I was wrong about this, and now I am trying not to take my own issues out on women (and I'm more well-adjusted and getting laid.)" And that's great and all, but nowhere does he address how severely destructive the original assumption is to women. Oh, we make you realize you don't have an excuse for not getting laid? FUCK YOU. LIKE I GIVE A SHIT. I AM A PERSON, NOT A SEX-GIVING MACHINE THAT ONLY ACTIVATES WHEN SOMEONE SHARES 5/7 OF MY MAIN INTERESTS. He apologizes for how this thinking led him to treat women, but he actually says nothing about the poisonousness of assuming women are nothing more than providers or deniers of sex.

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On Explanations

I sympathize with the intent of this article, and I'm glad that the author has made so much progress personally. However, I find that there is an unchallenged assumption here and in male geek culture that "ladies be only for dating." Yes, one aspect of male-female relationships is the potential for romantic attachment, but when this is the only aspect acknowledged by men it dismisses a large part of women's humanity. Feminists are asking to be considered as people first, or people too, or whatever. This is the issue most of us have with geek culture and I don't see it addressed here.

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On Estate Jewelry: A Spider Miscellany

I just saw a big one of these yesterday in my apartment and then he disappeared before I could squish him and AUGH even estate jewelry is not safe anymore!! D:

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On Estate Jewelry: A Spider Miscellany


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On Queen Amanda

@jhibbertmd Wasn't it, sort of?

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