On A Brief Addendum to Our Craigslist Wedding Story

When my sister was in the ICU of a burn unit (she's doing pretty ok now don't worry!) she was entubated and they managed to put a pen in her horrifically burned hand so she could write to us why she was so upset. She wrote DR OOL which my mother, a nurse and I read as Doctor Ool for way too long before realizing she was drowning in her drool. We had a good laugh and she gave us an eye roll for the ages.

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On “Last Night I Drempt of Leo”: DiCaprio’s Oeuvre, Reviewed by a 15-Year-Old

@hellonheels Berry Delicious Nick Carter Stories was my jam (I did not mean to create a berry/jam pun there - it was just my go to fan fiction site).

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On Before Too Long, Everyone You Know Will Be Named Emma

@dj pomegranate Ahhh! Felix is the next big thing! And I love old testament names but with all the Noahs and Jacobs that makes me nervous too!

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On Before Too Long, Everyone You Know Will Be Named Emma

My sister just had a baby (Teagan) and dresses her so ultra feminine that I made the joke that if I were to have a kid with my fiance we would do the nondisclosure of gender and name zir Thistle (the most hipster nongendered name I could think of). That rumor has taken off like wildfire and people's reactions are hilarious.

In other news I really like Felix, Abraham, Beatrix (but not if I have a Felix) and Marion.

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@Emby Are you from NJ? Because I did as well and teased my sister, Catie about it the entire summer they last took over.

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On Other People's Kids, Homes

All I can think to say here is that my mother's best friend was childfree and lived a 6 hour drive away, so when they wanted to get together that meant my siblings and I were coming. I remember she would push us to play outside a lot (but shoes off when you came in) and she had a lot of antiques so there was no touching. But if we were inside there was generally an activity (making home made dog biscuits, coloring pictures of her dogs)... The house wasn't as spotless as the LW seems to have it, since she was a german shepherd breeder, but yeah this seems more like a problem with the kids. I grew up visiting her and the only time she said something to my mom was when I stayed over alone and overslept and had to run in the morning to go to a college visit, she thought that was rude to "treat her like a hotel" (to be fair my mom made me stay there so my boyfriend and I wouldn't be in a hotel, and it was her and her husband's anniversary so it was awkward for all parties)

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On A Life in Celebrity Encounters

Last summer my childhood friend committed suicide. It was tragic and awful, obviously, and at her wake it was also really sad in that it was pretty empty. And then Barbara Walters walked in and I weirdly almost laughed because, of course she did. It was sad and bizarre and jarring.

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On Interview With a Bedbug

@themegnapkin I live in a really big old house (I live with roommates) and the floors are wood but not nice wood like there are spaces between the slats. They would not die. Between the vet bills, the treatments for my dog, the failed fumigation, the Orkin and the diatomaceous earth (natural safe flea killer) it took about a month and 1300. Not including the fact that the Orkin contract makes me pay them for a year even though (thank god) I'm moving out and into a smaller space next month.
@Blackwatch Plaid - My aunt and uncle are doing that now. I don't understand how they can stand it. Maybe my infestation was worse than most but you could literally see them jumping through the air.

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On Interview With a Bedbug

As a person who has had fleas... are they similar? Fleas were a nightmare. I have PTSD. And it cost me $1,300.

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On Fog Count

That was amazing... Has anyone read her book "The Gin Closet"? I'm compelled to now, I love her writing style.

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