On What I’ve Learned About the Weddings I Remembered

@deathcabforcutes I know, I was so sad when I read that!

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On 20 Irrational But Nonetheless Persistent Beauty Fears I’ve Picked Up From My Time as a Female Human Being

@iknowright A few months ago I got my eyebrows done for the first time and when they were done, the aesthetician said, "Now remember- eyebrows are sisters, not twins!"

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On Cheryl Strayed, Cary Tennis, Emily Yoffe, and Lynn Coady Walk Into a "Bar"

@tessamae Love Miss Manners!!!

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On "Don’t worry, he’s harmless."

@frigwiggin I felt the same way about Penn's mental state. O'Hare seemed so smug, and, like, proud, about all the ways he was able to identify that Penn's theory didn't add up or make sense, when really that just seems to point to an obvious mental health issue.

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On Ask a Clean Person: Laundry School — Hard Water, Soft Fabric, and Babies, Oh My!

@Faintly Macabre My mom keeps a little piece of a shell inside the kettle, ostensibly it collects the minerals so they don't stick to the inside of the kettle, but I'm not sure that it really works. Also then they'd still be in the tea-water, right? Just on a shell.

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On The Perks of Herpes

Ahhhh thank you for this post. I also got HSV-1 from oral sex (and almost made a new commenter name to say this? Even though this is anonymous already and I barely ever post?) I'm in the middle of a breakup now, years later, that means soon I'm going to have to figure out how to tell people, which I've never done before. SO FREAKED OUT. But so glad to have read this!

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On Quirks: Is Their Ignorance Our Bliss?

@The Lady of Shalott Aaahhh no!!!! That is the worst.
@ hopelessshade I love that! But I don't do it. I think it more looks like I'm trying to wipe something off my cheekbones. ?

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On Quirks: Is Their Ignorance Our Bliss?

I hate it when people tell me these things! I think I'm too sensitive. I always feel like they're making fun of me? I guess I just don't like being noticed. Apparently, I press my fingertips under my eyes whenever I'm telling a story and want to convey that the content is overwhelmingly weird? If that even makes any sense.

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On Down to You

@VolcanoMouse WORD that's what I came here to comment about! I love those books so much- I srsly reread them piecemeal monthly at least.

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On Do This No. 6: Festive Holiday Boundary-Setting

@MalPal @laurel YES LIE! I just recently re-started lying like I used to in high school, only now it's about my Life Plans, and it's a real load off my shoulders.

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