On You Call Your Grandparents What?

My Nana was on this shit like 50 years ago. Way to be behind the times, Times.

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On Good Riddance, Perfume Spritzers

I once was a perfume vendor for a rather large company, pounding the pavement at a rather large department store chain. Although I tried to sell my company's products first (and we had a rather large line of various brands, so it made it easier), I always tried to position it as a give and take conversation about what the customer wanted. I certainly didn't go crazy with spraying, I was generous with samples, and I tried to be knowledgable and instructive about the industry and art of perfuming.

Needless to say, I did the job for about a year and got sick of it. If only I had known it would come to this!

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On Gwyneth Explains It All

This is why I love Gwyneth.

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On People's Bodies Getting Stuck

Every day I fear this will happen to me.

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On Senator Is Pro-Toilet-Choice

Rand Paul is the abortion.

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On A Mom Responds Before Crowding You Out of Your Local Coffeeshop/Bar

Sorry, still hate you as an institution.

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On Books to Not Reread

I never finished the Mistborn series. I liked the first one, didn't feel much need to finish. I thought "Warbreaker" was fantastic, and I enjoyed reading "Way of Kings," and look forward to what he'll do next. But I think the good thing here is that there IS good fantasy to read if you look for it, instead of just dismissing it outright like the person in the article did.

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On Books to Not Reread

The only Huxley I've ever read is "After Many a Summer Dies the Swan." I suppose I should try "Brave New World" someday.

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On Books to Not Reread

I suppose at this point it's going to be a quibble about who should be recommend in Jordan's stead. I've never read Martin, so I can't feel comfortable pushing him, but Sanderson does many of the Jordanian things, only better. But to each their own, I suppose.

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On Books to Not Reread

I luckily never had a Ayn Rand phase, and hated her books in high school as well as now. I don't really get suggesting "Geography of Nowhere" in its stead, as the two books had two very different goals. Maybe instead one of Gibson's Sprawl Trilogy instead?

Replacing "The Alchemist" (what a shit book) with "Siddhartha" for a high schooler makes no sense because a lot of high schoolers now have to read it. But I didn't, so I guess I should go back now and check it out.

Wolfe and Didion really aren't that similar (might as well have suggested Talese if you're looking for New Journalism) but I suppose those two books are the most vaguely similar. Instead, I'd just tell someone to read Wolfe's "The Last American Hero is John Johnson" because it is fantastic but still in that wonderfully unique style. I'd rather people read Didion for her own sake, than as a replacement for a non-similar author.

The Wheel of Time/"Dhalgren" is another one that misses the point. People read the former for specific reasons, namely to engross themselves in a world so different (though really not that different, if you've ever studied 101 level of history like Jordan had), so suggesting a sci-fi book set in America doesn't make any sense. Better to find a fantasy novel or series that does the same thing but in a better way. Lord of the Rings would be too obvious, so I'd probably suggest Brandon Sanderson.

I don't really have comments on the rest of those beyond that I also won't reread "the Catcher in the Rye."

A book I tried to reread after loving was "the Cheese Monkeys." I loved it the first time, raved about it, thought it was just so 'cool' (blech) and insightful. Then I read it again a year later and was like, "what was I thinking?" Ah to be 20 and stupid(er) again.

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