12 Lesser-Known Scented Candles

1.) “Over for Care” – Smells just like your ex’s threadbare navy blue t-shirt that you didn’t have to lie about still having because they said they wanted you to keep it. Or they would have, if they’d had the time. READ MORE

Lesser-Known Birthday Party Themes

Is your birthday just around the corner? Are you worried about having the same clichéd theme you’ve always had? Tried and true themes like “luau,” “costume party,” and “casual drinks with a few friends” have become pretty stale. Why not liven up your party with some of these unique gems? These themes will have everyone talking about your extraordinary birthday celebration! READ MORE

A Guide to Finding Sunglasses for Lesser-known Face Shapes

“Face shapes” were invented by advertisers in the 1960s to sell multiple mirrors to the same household. You might remember the commercial: “What’s wrong, Billy?” “Ah shucks, my chin is gone, again.” “There there, son, it's just because you’re using my mirror, and your old dad’s got an oval face! Try this mirror — it's for oblong faces, like yours.” “Oh, there it is. Gee thanks, Dad!” READ MORE

Little-Known Forms of Response Jeopardy! Will Also Accept

Responses in the form of a Trina Rap. READ MORE

Dear Tyler Perry

Dear Mr. Perry, READ MORE