On I'm Never Cooking Again (Not That I Ever Cooked Much to Begin With, So There's Been Very Little Change)

@Lisa Frank: It really depends on how many people you are feeding/what you are eating. As a life-long New Yorker (26 years in the city, 4 in the burbs) I can tell you that buying the supplies for a family of 3 and cooking at home is definitely going to run you a lot cheaper than pretty much anywhere. And, at least in my experience, when you are cooking for a family on a nightly basis you tend to have a laundry list of options at the ready that you adjust based on what's fitting into your budget this week. So, for example, if this week chicken breasts and asparagus and mushrooms are on sale I'm going to plan my dishes around that fact (and for things like meat I will often overbuy when it's a good price and freeze the extra). It's definitely a process and you most certainly can wind up spending way more on a home cooked meal than you would at the corner diner if you aren't planning properly.

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On A Smart Girl's Guide To Responding To Pop Stars

UGH. This is so so great, but I wish there wasn't so much material. You could make this into a weekly thing and never run out of stuff.

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On What Happened When We Gave Our Daughter My Last Name

@Punctured: I absolutely agree. This was more than one friend however. I have had several either in either subtle ways (eg just happening to send me a link to an article about women taking their husband's last names) and not so subtle (eg telling me outright that they "expected better from me" when they learned we were giving my daughter my husband's last name).

I think the author of this piece would agree with your (and my own) belief that feminism is about choices and that's why I really appreciated an article that explicitly talked about choice being the most essential part of the equation rather than being all about smugly congratulating herself on being "better" than others.

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On What Happened When We Gave Our Daughter My Last Name

I had a very specific and negative experience with the naming your kid thing that was almost exactly the opposite of the author's.

My daughter was quite the surprise and her dad and I were not yet married. We had a long discussion about what to do regarding last names. Since both of our last names were absolutely awful to spell we knew right away we weren't going to go with a hyphenated name. We then spent some time comparing the worst things that had ever happened to us due to our last name. He had some problems with mail delivery and a one time issue with his bank. I had nearly lost college housing because a capital I and a lowercase L look very similar when typed in certain fonts and when handwritten. So we went with his last name for our daughter and when we eventually got married I changed my last name to his because I liked us all having the same family name.

I received so many negative, hurtful comments from "friends" who were distressed at my perceived caving to the patriarchy. One friend still sends letters using my maiden last name. Another friend sent me a link to an article about how it was anti-feminist to take you husband's last name the day before my wedding.

I guess my point is that I really appreciate that the tone of this article is one of "have that discussion and do what's right for you" rather than "here's the *feminist* way to do things."

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On 44 Questions Five-Year-Olds Asked Me On a Rainy Day at a Florida Summer Camp

That "twin" one drives me nuts. My daughter and her friends do the "so and so and I are twins" thing all the time. We're both 6? Guess we're twins! We both lost our front tooth? Twinsies. I like pink and so do you? OMG, separated at birth! I have no idea why, but the weirdness of it all drives me up a wall.

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On 10 Famous Quotes Recast For the Beyoncé-Solange Situation

@PennyCentury Wow. You really showed me with your nonsensical ramblings. If you can't appreciate how horrific it is that this is becoming a joke rather than a serious conversation and how HARMFUL that is to women than there is nothing I can say to help you.

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On 10 Famous Quotes Recast For the Beyoncé-Solange Situation

Penny: I'm sorry, what? So saying that assaulting another human being--whether you have a vagina or a penis is wrong is an MRA trope? Calling out a website that has routinely railed against behavior like this when the violence is directed at women for hypocrisy is NOT anti-feminist. It's insanely important that we have a conversation about the fact that the world still views woman as incapable of causing harm to men and that we openly mock that fact. Do you not understand the fact that this is the opposite side of the coin and the "jokes" and memes about this are simply aspects of the patriarchy rearing their ugly heads?

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On 10 Famous Quotes Recast For the Beyoncé-Solange Situation

@I AM DIAPHENA You can *like* this person as an artist/performer however much you want. Doesn't change the fact that she assaulted someone and should at the very least be under investigation and looking at a possible jail sentence.

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On 10 Famous Quotes Recast For the Beyoncé-Solange Situation

All the jokes, memes, etc regarding this situation make me very uncomfortable. Someone was assaulted. The fact that the person doing the striking was in possession of a vagina does not make this fact any less true.

I'm pretty sure if someone had done something similar with the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation you wouldn't be publishing it like this. Gross.

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