On Trends Men Hate

oh dear now I think I must be a man

although those clocks sound excellent

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On Buzz Aldrin on the moon landing: "We didn't get to celebrate. Because we were out of town."

@ru_ri I'm pretty sure eizverson22 is the new apolsasam - eerily on-point spambot that is very close to achieving sentience.

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On How to Have a Miscarriage

Oh, ow. This was heartbreaking and so beautifully written. Thank you for sharing this with us, it was so brave and well done.

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On "She Couldn't Openly Be Who She Was"

Oh wow, this was beautiful. This line in particular just cut right through me: "Bakersfield, California, is dead from a broken heart. Eyes glazed and crossed, the buildings itch, stacked chunky against the sky."

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On "It was amazing* being able to wear yoga pants without underwear"

@enic This is a constant source of amazement for me, because I am so sure that wearing underwear with tights and yoga pants AND ANY PANTS is the way to go, and then I meet (I mean, "meet") people who feel just as sure that the opposite is true! Fascinating.

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On The Hobby Lobby Pie

Hey, I totally described my mental state yesterday as "vibrating with anger"!

Also, yes I said yes I will yes to if you can't handle me at my worst you don't deserve me at my ruth bader ginsburg. She is a national treasure.

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On In Praise of L.M. Montgomery's Literary Crones

who else out there likes to think Gilbert calls Anne “Carrots” in bed

YES HI HELLO here I am.

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On "With the animals dying around us/ our lost feelings we are saying thank you"

Oh no! That's so sad. May Frosty's memory be for a blessing.

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On Ask A Costume Historian: Help, My Brother Wants Me To Be His Suit-Wearing Best Man

This article has achieved the impossible and made me see that jumpsuits can, in fact, be quite attractive and chic. Seriously rethinking my wedding apparel for the remaining 2 weddings I will be attending this summer.

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On The Only Mystery In Vermillion, South Dakota

I've loved all your pieces, but this one may be my favorite yet. Are you writing something longer? I hope you are writing something longer, because I'd like to buy it.

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