On Friday Open Thread

@coolallison oh you did read that. Everyone had salmonella, including the wee one, and the doctor said "sure you can go once she's better." I still haven't puzzled out if she was officially better by the time they left, though.

Imagine being 1, profoundly seasick, unable to sleep, and just over a case of salmonella. I am not surprised they had to pull the plug on the trip!

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On Friday Open Thread

whoooooooooo wants to talk about the family that was rescued at sea after their 1-year-old came down with salmonella aboard a sailboat?

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On Cancel "What Americans Will Look Like in 2050"

@j-i-a Impressive how one of them worked in fat-shaming, too. There's some really non-stellar reading comprehension going on in that comment section.

Not-so-secretly/completely openly, I think that a lot of people don't want to listen to what writers of color have to say about race, or want to reject it out of hand.

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On Cancel "What Americans Will Look Like in 2050"

I went to a panel discussion the summer that the two UMich affirmative action cases were handed down by the Supreme Court, and one of my law school's preeminent jackass-conservative-masquerading-as-libertarian professors basically said just this; I think his words were something like, give it enough time and lust will solve the issue of affirmative action.

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On Craigslist Behavior

I sold most of my furniture before I moved across the country, and the woman who bought a bunch of it showed up with a friend and his truck, but no money.

Oh, she said, why don't we load up the truck and I'll go to the ATM and get your money.

No, I said, you can go to the ATM now and get the money. When you come back with the money, you can take the furniture.

To my amazement, she actually did precisely that, leading me to believe she was just kind of a flake and not a scammer. But still, such a breach of CL etiquette!

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On "Part of disciplining the body is denial"

She is so, so, so wonderful. This was brilliant and perfect and so beautiful, and also heartbreaking. Those books are going straight on my list, for sure.

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On Gmail Chains

Well this was perfect.

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On Costumes

A of all, your grandmother is/was a monster.

B of all, 9-year-old me is jealous that you managed to eat the entire thing of those biscuits. My mom thought I was so weird for wanting to eat the dough, and she was pretty sure it wasn't something that was healthy for me, so I was only allowed the tiniest snippets! Why is that stuff so tasty, even raw?

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On Hardy Boys Meets True Detective

YUP, Turtle Wexler all the way.

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On How To Do Pull-Ups

@adorable-eggplant hahahahaha WELL MET, FELLOW T-REX. (I have short arms and tiny little-boy hands. It is a source of amusement to me and my sweetie.) That's a good idea about building up from desk push-ups, too!

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