On Get Your Own Flat Ginger Ale

@PatatasBravas Why can I not click thumbs up more than once? I should be able to click it at least once for each dog in the picture, and an extra time for the fact that Spots is high-fiving.

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On Get Your Own Flat Ginger Ale

@iceberg I have no idea! A co-worker started to do it, until I reminded him of his own phobia and asked if he wanted me to start describing the thing he is afraid of. That stopped him quicker than anything. You'd think there'd be some kind of truce between phobics - let's just agree to not terrify each other on purpose.

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On Get Your Own Flat Ginger Ale

@OhMarie That is amazing! Right now, I get pals to screen movies for me. I must say, I am pretty lucky - friends will send me notes saying "Don't watch this" before I even ask.

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On Get Your Own Flat Ginger Ale

@PatatasBravas It is different here, because I can skim through and think "CLOSE TAB! CLOSE TAB!" and then get on out of here. I know people like to tell tales of grossness, and I know they will probably do it after an article like this. (Thank you for the warning/apology, though I do not imagine you are telling stories with me in mind.)

What makes me bananas is when people know I have this particular phobia, and their response is to see if they can freak me out. If they are trying to figure out the quickest way to get me to leave the room, I wish they'd realize they just need to say "Hey! There's a puppy over there!"

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On Get Your Own Flat Ginger Ale

Oh, lord, I could not even get through the article, and I had to skim most of the comments here because of the terror. The worst is when you tell someone about your phobia and then they start to regale you with stories of the very thing you are petrified of, like "So this would freak you out, then..." Yes, yes it would. It would also me punch you, so cut it out.

I am grateful I have never wanted kids for many reasons, but especially because of the sickness factor. Now I am going to quit typing because this is making me too anxious.

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On Interview With a Virgin: Ben

@AmandathePanda I dated someone with Asperger's for many years, and we are still good friends. I do not know if he was ever officially diagnosed - he was the one who actually figured it out, but once he did it made so much sense. I felt like a jerk, because for years I had been pushing him to interact in a way that his brain couldn't process, but it was also such a relief to know - this is how his brain works. And knowing how he processed information made me realize what/how I needed to communicate, rather than just getting frustrated that he didn't seem to get what was important and what wasn't. I am not articulating this well, but, yeah - when you do find out, it explains so much, and you learn so much. This interview struck so many chords.

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On BMWhy?

The picture that accompanies the link to this article in the sidebar makes up for how very cranky the subject of the BMI makes me. I was sad that there wasn't a larger version with the article, but then I found this:
It turns out that burger hands are just as creepy as they sound. Still, I am going to look at all those images in a row and imagine that burger rocking out, and the next time I get mad at the BMI I will picture a dancing burger and will be magically calmed.

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On Texticles

"Great, thanks, it may be easier to just order some new pants though" is going to be my new reply for everything.

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On Reading Between the Texts: The Best/Worst Texts We Got This Year

@Lila Fowler Yes! I was just going to write the same thing! It merits exclamation points!

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On Ideas for Winter 2013

Ah, yes, the Balk issue.

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