By wee_ramekin on A Chat With The Hairpin's New Editor, Emma Carmichael

@I'm Right on Top of that, Rose

Hmmmm. I disagree with part of your statement. I don't think there's anything wrong with wondering why people are leaving the site in droves.

I agree with feeling unmoored. Additionally, to speak personally, over the past few weeks and months, I have felt everything from anger to sadness to excitement to abandonment w/r/t this site and the changes that have been happening.

Part of the anger comes from feeling like I'm being gas-lit by the editors/Powers That Be. I'm not stupid: when Jane - one of the most beloved people on this site - left without so much as a goodbye, I sensed that not all was right in the 'Pinverse. Jane posted pictures of her wedding on the site because we all loved her so much that we wanted to share in her special day, however vicariously. That's not the kind of person who leaves without saying goodbye.

Then Jolie left, and concurrently, the advice columns started being phased out/got really weird. Then Nicole left - NICOLE, who for me was as vital to this site as an immune system, or muscle, or bone would be to a healthy body. And now Edith's gone. Edith, who created this nearly utopian internet community.

You're right: technically, no one "owes" us any kind of explanation. But we're not stupid. It's not weird to feel like we're not being told everything. Maybe everyone is just leaving because of Opportunities. But man, I don't think we need a scolding for feeling restless and jittery about all this change. Look at the comments on this page: this site and its ensuing community mean a LOT to most of us, and the disturbance in the force has definitely been felt. Quite frankly, I think we're all being pretty mature and emotionally circumspect about everything that's happening, all things considered.

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By allofthewine on A Chat With The Hairpin's New Editor, Emma Carmichael

This almost certainly falls into the category of "not my business", but can we get a real, non-jokey explanation as to why the site's four biggest contributors have jumped ship in the last handful of months?

It's almost more upsetting that there's a big elephant and no one is discussing what is even happening and why and WHYWHYWHY

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By Wednesday on Why 1995 Was Probably the Best Year Ever for Movies

@Heygirlhey I have that CD! Been jammin to that soundtrack playlist on my ipod this week.

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By tessamae on Beauty Q&A: What's That Smell?

@Heygirlhey Both? Some guy whispers "Damn, gurl, you smell like some Bomb-Ass Punani," which is a compliment (probably?) AND the correct name of the perfume. Twofer! Also, promptly get rid of that guy because seriously, he is revolting.

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By tessamae on Beauty Q&A: What's That Smell?

@Heygirlhey Saucy indeed! That song gave me my best line to use with gentlemen callers: I'm about to serve you up an overdose of this bomb-ass punani. (Ahhhhh- I couldn't even type that out without giggling and blushing!)

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By WaityKatie on Face Moles, "Perfection," and Shifting Dynamics

@Heygirlhey Maybe you should have said you did want a drink and then poured it over his head?

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By leonstj on Anna Breslaw, What's in Your Bag?

@Heygirlhey - OMG if there was a Hot Boy$ jam which referred to impressionist painting it would basically be the greatest thing ever.

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By null on Anna Breslaw, What's in Your Bag?

@Heygirlhey Like Monie!

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By Megasus on Friday Bargain Bin: Let's Try Some Iffy Stuff While It's On Sale

@Heygirlhey YES!

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By cherrispryte on The Internet Date, Dissected

I am fully supportive of you kids making bundles of money, but eHarmony is a fucking horrible website and no one should ever use it. It was created by a evangelically religious nutjob, resisted for years having same-sex options available, and there have been a ton of allegations of racist and classism lodged against them.
There are dozens if not hundreds of online dating sites, if that's your thing. Stay the fuck away from this one.

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