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Parenting In the Age of Zombies

Parents these days all want to know the same thing: how much zombie time is too much for their kids?

Not all zombies—animated corpses that feed on living human flesh—are bad; some are interactive, engaging, even educational. Still, the question of how much zombie time is too much has only gotten more complicated in recent years.

Because the prevalence of zombies is so new, researchers don't have a lot of data on how they affect children and teens. "Everywhere you look you see mindless hordes of the undead trying to claw their way into homes and businesses," says noted zombie expert Mia Hamilton. "This is new, yet most [...]


The Clumsiest Party Imaginable

Once all zombies are contained within The Red Zone, the official timekeepers will mark the start of the world record attempt with a loud signal. All zombies must stay within the designated area for the duration. Once 10 minutes have elapsed, a second signal will proclaim the end of the attempt. Zombies will be allowed to rejoin the living, and the party continues.

If you are a zombie anywhere near Florida, your help is needed this weekend in Fort Myers to set The Guinness World Record for the largest zombie gathering of all time. (We know you've been hearing his for millennia, but you can do it! 2011 [...]


The 'Walking Dead' Diaries

37 days post-apocalypse Today we had to organize a search party for 12-year-old Sophia, who got chased into the woods by two zombies. I knew it would happen eventually. Remember how pre-apocalypse, everyone was talking “helicopter moms”? That’s not true here; you’ll never find two more relaxed moms than Lori and Carol. I mean, think about it: if you came to a massive traffic jam filled with the bodies of dead and somewhat-dead people, would you be all, “Go explore, honey — just stay where I can see you?” Please.

38 days post-apocalypse Lori and I were in the same party searching for Sophia, and she stopped to tell [...]


Truly Do Not Do Cocaine

You shouldn't do cocaine, but if you do, you should check out these pictures of people who also do cocaine and happened to do some of the cocaine that's been laced with the veterinary drug levamisole. Their flesh is being eaten, and it is beyond horrible. Never do drugs, never do anything. More pictures here if you are literally out of your mind.


Colson Whitehead on Sandwiches, Bunker Songs, and the Zombie Apocalypse

There have been many books written, movies made, and graphic novels turned into television shows about the undead. Yet when novelist Colson Whitehead tackles the subject, it feels like no one else has noticed that an inevitable zombie apocalypse looms over us. (Don't worry, he knows that sounds really depressing.) In his new book Zone One, the remainders of humanity battle the walking dead in lower Manhattan, and so we talked him into battling the walking dead or spinning some tunes with us on Topics include: R. Kelly, Edith Piaf.

Melissa Locker started playing "Love Zone" by Billy Ocean

Melissa Locker: Hi! Colson Whitehead: Hey there [...]


The Safe House

The marriage was built to last, but the house was built too safe: Here are 45 beautiful photos of The Safe House, a building outside Warsaw that "wakes up every morning to close up after the dusk. This routine reminds [us] of the processes occurring in nature — the house resembles a plant in its day and night cycle." Nowhere in the description does it mention zombies, but the house is essentially designed after I Am Legend. [Via]