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My Imaginary Friends: The Beauty YouTuber Economy

I quit my job at the end of this February to participate in a writing residency at my apartment funded by myself. After being mentally and physically numbed by my service sector job almost every day for five months, I found myself abruptly, uneasily alone and well rested. It is often these moments of emptiness in my life when unexpected manias and fetishes overtake me, some new stupid interest I can devote all my free time to. This time, it was YouTube videos of women recommending beauty products. Obviously.

My own relationship to the world of cosmetics is conflicted and idiosyncratic. I refuse to do anything to myself that I [...]


One Way We Wasted Our Hours This Year

Here they are: the 10 most popular YouTube videos of 2013. Let us appreciate the fact that only TWO of them are ads, and that, all these years later, we're still endlessly delighted by anything involving a freaking dancing baby. [YouTube]


Carly Simon Knows How to Have Fun

Carly, if you're reading this, can you please make some more vlogs? You haven't made a new one in six months. If you don't want to do vlogs these days, could you and your dogs at least make more new music videos for all of your hit songs?


E-Ghosts in My Machine

Last month we posted an article about labiaplasty. In formatting it for the site, I had to — happily, I admit! This sort of thing is right up my alley! — link to a few Youtube videos and websites. But now my browser just won't let it go. Every single time I go to Youtube there are multiple thumbnails of vaginas staring me in the face, some of them mid-surgery! How can I get this to stop!? My other e-ghost is Kreayshawn. Today she has heart-shaped glasses on, an important fact I wouldn't have known that without your "helpful" suggestions, Youtube. Lord help me. Go to Youtube [...]


"Every Single Nicolas Cage Laugh"

"Every Single Nicolas Cage Laugh": Well, it's what it sounds like.


The Three Types of Golden Girls Commenters on YouTube

The Know-it-all

BennyB5555: Dorothy wore that same Blue and Green top in the episode "Love under the big top." Where she dates the lawyer who wanted to be a clown full time.

53329: i see a boom mike above rose's head @ 18:10 when she's saying, "well, he did have one good idea.”

dianh71: How did Sophia manage to walk a marathon in Miami in that outfit?!

ERstat77: The blonde girl sitting at the table with Rose is Ariana Richards, who went on to play Lex in Jurassic Park!

BennyB5555: Rose comes up with these bogus words which are supposed to Norwegian or Swedish. St Olaf is a Norwegian farming settlement in [...]


What if He's a Gay Serial Killer?

The Pride and Prejudice vlog. Curiously hypnotic!


Feminist Writers React To Classic Viral YouTube Videos


Charlie Bit My Finger:

Sylvia Plath:


Choose Your Own Catfishing Adventure

I'm married, so when I say this actually kind of worked, I mean that I wasn't horrified by the person I was "fixed up with" via this silly interactive YouTube dating game. Fine, I was mildly delighted for two seconds before quickly closing my browser. Good luck!


The Top Five Heather O'Rourke (1975 – 1988) Tribute Videos

Hey, want to look down a near-bottomless well on the Internet? Start browsing YouTube videos memorializing Heather O'Rourke, the child actress who played Carol Ann in all the Poltergeist movies, and who tragically died of "cardiac arrest caused by septic shock" just after her thirteenth birthday. Apparently there's an entire subset of YouTube subscribers fixated on assembling tributes to expired child stars — and there are a lot of them for O'Rourke, from surprisingly moving instrumental montages and the inevitable ones set to Enya and Amy Grant, to less likely pairings such as Beyoncé or N Sync. Despite citing the dates of [...]