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The Dropped-Ball Generation

"They have this risk aversion that we’ve seen with millennials since they were teenagers. It’s declining alcohol use, declining drug use. I mean, [even] declining sex.” —"Do Millennials Stand a Chance in the Real World?" Probably not, but oh well, does anyone? Elsewhere, loosely related: "Mother, Let Me Go!" Also: "30 Things at 30."


The Best Time I Went Home With Someone I Didn't Realize Was So Young

On New Year's Eve 2007, my best friend met her husband at a club downtown called (I kid you not) Love. They just had a baby last week. Hiya Layla!

This story does not end for me in the same way.

Right before my friend flirted her way into a life-long relationship, she pushed me into a young lad whom she thought I would fancy. As I stuttered an apology, she said, "This is Lindsay! Talk to her!" and then dashed off to husband-chase. Cameron* had on a tweed sports coat and an Obama pin, so naturally we struck up a conversation about politics and decided to go home [...]


Who Is Kreayshawn?

Kreayshawn (pronounced "cray-shon") is a rapper (slash cinematographer, slash variety of things and non-things) whose video "Gucci Gucci" hit the internet last week, and which I turned off after 20 seconds because it was annoying (see above). Then all weekend my cooler friends on Facebook and Twitter kept talking about it (oh no, I just called young people I've never met "friends"), so I watched the video again and it's kind of as amazing as it is annoying. Plus "one big room, full of bad bitches" is a genius hook.

But who is Kreayshawn? She's a 21-year-old Bay Area Berkeley Film School dropout named Natassia Zolot who embraces her thin, [...]



If this picture intrigues you, there's a whole music video it came from. The video's raunchy and not at all safe for work, audio-wise, but it is interesting.

Lil B will also be lecturing at NYU next month.


The May-December Romance

On Flavorwire they're listing their favorite movies about relationships [mostly] between older men and younger women (a type of relationship called the "May-December Romance," because she is like a blossoming May flower and he is nearing death), and so over here maybe we can do something similar. How much older is the oldest person you've dated [slept with/touched/whispered to]? Say it! Sayyy ittt, it doesn't even matter, no one's listening, who cares, why are you acting all weird? (Alternately, the youngest? Let's stay up all night and never go to sleep.)


"If I could go back again, I think I’d try … not going to college"

(10:24 p.m.) CLARE: how about they just call us SAA self-absorbed assholes ME: booo CLARE: we need a D to make it really good SAD — self-absorbed delusionals ps (10:26) can i send you a cover letter right quick?

Noreen Malone opens her New York magazine cover story about the current state of young people — "A majority of Americans say, for the first time ever, that this generation will not be better off than its parents" — with a GChat transcription.


The Fantasies of a 13-Year-Old Girl

This hilarious ad is for the Justin Bieber perfume, which will bring you a pretty fairy boyfriend and a jewel-encrusted charm. It's also "more than just a fragrance: it's energy with a state-of-mind that inspires. It is a personal gift straight from his heart, giving fans a chance to get one step closer to Justin." But what does it smell like is the question on few people's lips. Well, sure. It "takes off with a sparkling splash of juicy mandarin, pear, and wild berries;" it "continues with fresh notes of jasmine and creamy florals, making it impossible to resist;" and it "heats up with warm hints of vanilla and [...]