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The Love Story of Michelle Rodriguez and Cara Delevingne

 All text taken from Daily Mail captions. 

Part 1: The Knicks Game

Cara studied her facial expression Stay alert.

Open-mouthed. Sporty: she wore a black leather jacket and expressed her allegiance to her team. Michelle seemed to be trying to tell Cara something Stay alert. Open-mouthed

Michelle seemed amazed by something else Michelle really struggled to even keep her head up Basketball fan. Michelle decided to recline during the game

Getting close or desperate for attention? Chill out. Are you ok? Stay alert.

Cara and Michelle seemed to be struggling to maintain eye contact with each other As Cara blew [...]


Context-Free Excerpt From Intriguing Coming-of-Age Memoir

Take that, Liz Gilbert:

One day, many years later – I was now a wife and mother myself, on a visit to see my children's grandmother at her house in Provence – a bandy-legged, wizened, thieving old man in a rusty truck stole my parking spot in the village. "Fuck you," I said, before realizing that, in fact, I already had.

(Gully Wells, The House in France)