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The Trouble With Reader-Shaming: A Y.A. Book List

The great debate over whether grownups should read young adult literature—and further, what the nature of reading should be—has come up again, thanks to a piece in Slate telling adults they should feel ashamed about reading books for kids. The headline is particularly prickly: "Read whatever you want. But you should feel embarrassed when what you’re reading was written for children."

Swiftly, a number of smart people reacted to this piece, which is surely as was intended by its very publication (especially its prickly headline). After all, there’s a certain algorithm on the internet that has become known as a [...]


Are You Seeing Young Adult This Weekend?

"I have a lot of the same addictive qualities as her. I feel like Mavis is self-destructive in a lot of ways that I can be. She’s addicted to fast food. She has an unhealthy relationship with alcohol, which is something that I’ve dealt with in my life from time to time. She is obsessive-compulsive; you see her pulling out her hair and binge eating and binge drinking and obsessing over her high school boyfriend, and unfortunately those are ugly qualities, but I do relate to some of them.” —Young Adult screenwriter Diablo Cody outlines the ways she resembles the movie's protagonist, Mavis (as played by Charlize Theron). The [...]


"…occasional reference of bodily functions"

Those young adult novels you can't stop reading may soon be labeled for mature content. You know, for the actual children.


Young Adult Continues to Look Good

Here's a fun new clip from the Diablo Cody-written, Jason Reitman-directed, and Charlize Theron-starring film about a beautiful woman who reconnects with her hometown. (Language NSFW.) There are also seven short clips on IMDb in addition to the trailer masterpiece. Young Adult is due out December 16.

[Via Hairpin pal Bobby Finger]


Enough With the Fake Diary Novels, Already

Somewhere after Adrian Mole (no one is gonna talk smack about Adrian Mole on the Hairpin) and well before Mia Thermopolis, we reached a point of diminishing returns with the diary-as-framing-device. If it doesn't actively contribute to the plot (Good Diary: Flowers for Algernon, Secretly Fun Diary: Go Ask Alice, Actual Diary: Samuel Pepys), it becomes the novelistic equivalent of a listicle with commentary (Pot LJ Smith, meet Kettle Nicole). Sometimes there isn't even an actual diary, the book just gets "(Noun) Diaries" slapped on to make it seem like less of a time investment for the reader. When those books are turned into movies, watch for the shot in [...]


Young Adult Is Coming

May this movie be as good as its trailer. Written by Diablo Cody, directed by Jason Reitman, and starring Charlize Theron, Young Adult (out December 9) also has an awesome poster. I wonder who she ends up with??