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Relax. You're in Los Angeles.

Last Wednesday I watched a World Cup game—I have no memory of who played—at a mediocre barbecue place in Grass Valley. My friends left at the half, and I was just sitting there by myself, floating in the air conditioning. I thought about watching the second half of the game myself and then decided that would be too boring.

Suddenly, I was overcome by the powerful sensation that I had to get out of town. I have been in some “fuck it” moods in my life but this one was on a whole new level.

I drove back to my house and threw my bathing suit and a few sundresses and [...]


Luftballons/Red Balloons, Let's Call the Whole Thing Off

In honor of the US-Germany game today, here is the classic Dev cover of "99 Red Balloons" to get us all in the mood. [via Popcrush]


The Cups Pie

Previously: The Harsh Mellow Pie

Ann Friedman runneth over.


Embracing the Tour de France, the World Cup’s Endearingly Weird Little Brother

Are you growing tired of watching impossibly attractive men tear off their shirts in the name of God, country, and football? Well, do I have excellent news for you: the Tour de France is upon us. I love the Tour de France (go ahead, pronounce “France” like it rhymes with “taunts,” I know you want to), the world’s most famous bike race, and firmly believe that it’s completely underrated—especially in years when it’s pitted against the World Cup, as it is now. If the World Cup is the disaffected, hard-bodied teen who’s too cool for the moon landing, the Tour de France is the nerdy, telescope-toting little brother who Sally [...]


Neutral Sounding Noises to Make When You Are Three Seconds Behind Figuring Out What's Happening While Watching the World Cup

Wait, was that a corner or a goal kick??!

Ooh, that's interesting!

Please tell me he's giving a yellow card there!!

Nice form on that throw in, am I right??!!!




"Gol," Seven Ways

How's your World Cup going? If you've been watching/ listening closely you've probably noticed how vastly superior soccer commentators are compared to announcers in almost any other sport (the ESPN crew on Mexico goalie Guillermo Ochoa on Tuesday: "Boy, are they building a statue of him back in Mexico City or what!"). Colombia-Ivory Coast starts in 30 minutes; your assignment until then is to perfect all seven of these international "gol" calls. [NYT]