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"Russian Lit Wives": On Bravo This Fall

The Moscow News explores the lives of the women who devoted those same lives wholeheartedly to the greats of Russian literature:

Sometimes this dependence was even physical. Both Nadezhda Mandelstam and Vera Nabokov could be seen lugging heavy cases, while their husbands strolled around unencumbered.

But some women found this self-immolation too much to bear. Sophia Tolstoy was a spirited painter and writer; her husband took the name of his heroine in "War and Peace" from a youthful novella of hers, "Natasha." But in the midst of her husband's religious conversion, she began to regret her devotion.

"Everyone asks: ‘But why should a worthless woman like you need [...]


Tina Fey at the Paley Center

Tina Fey and I chose the exact same instant to arrive at the Paley Center for "Hey Dummies: An Evening With the 30 Rock Writers," but she had a much better ride and smoother hair. Lest she make eye contact and catch me in a The-Queen-and-Hilary-Mantel moment of naked, cannibalistic gawpery, I instinctively whipped around and started pretending to text as a small throng of kind, nervous young women in fingerless gloves pressed forward with their smartphones, saying Tina, Tina! as loudly as they dared, which was never as loud as the voice you would ideally use in a business meeting, were you to find yourself in one.

Tina [...]


The Lives of Lady Astor

One of my sons told me recently that I had not taken enough interest in him before he was seven. My reply was that if I had known as much as I do now, I should not have had him at all.

There's a new biography of Lady Nancy Astor (Viscountess Astor?), which the excellent Emma Garman reviews for The Daily Beast. Nancy's wearing an incredible dress on the cover, if that swings you one way or the other.


"Peter Luger"

Wow. I do not know if I can accurately describe what I saw just now, but I will try.

First I heard yelling in the street, which is pretty common, so I didn't pay much attention, but then certain words began to register — "oh my god are you SERIOUS … oh my god WILLIAMSBURG," etc. (I do not live in Williamsburg) — but I still figured it was just a brief cab scuffle. Things went quiet for a while, then, a couple minutes later, "Are you Arecibo? ARE. YOU. ARECIBO?" I think I missed a sentence or two at this point, but what eventually drew me to the window [...]


Happy International Women's Day

This gallery comes courtesy of Survival International, who you may remember from ragging on Jared Diamond. The young girl in this particular picture is a member of the Awá people, currently not doing so great in Brazil.


This Winter's Required Reading

A single article, which combines monarchy and the physical ailments of the long-dead and the idea of celebrity and the nature of female visibility and sexuality and ownership in one majestic sweep. Hilary Mantel's "Royal Bodies". GO, read. Argue! Read it twice before dinner and once after. Today I like it, tomorrow I may hate it, but I am ABSORBED nonetheless.

The Independent has it all wrong, for the record. Mantel may say Kate Middleton is plastic and has dead eyes, but, amazingly, you must trust me when I assure you it is with the deepest kindness that she says it. Or, don't trust me, because when I [...]


How to Talk to Women

Last week, at an annual issues conference in Virginia, House Republicans held a panel called “Successful Communication with Women and Minorities,” moderated by former 'Real World'-er Rachel Campos-Duffy. Here, a lady-script for both Democrats and Republicans.

Hey girl, what's up?

Did you see Downton Abbey last night?

Matthew looks so weird this season. I know — poor Edith.

Ugh, my legs are so sore from spinning.

It's, like, $35 a class. Super expensive. That's why [D: it's cool that taxes rates are staying low/R: it sucks that the government is taking all our money].

I like your bangs, but I think my face is too round. What do you [...]


What Made You a Feminist?

Haley Motek asked a group of women about the books/music/moments that started them on the road to feminism, and the answers are funny and different and unexpected and great.

I think my first encounter with feminism was likely Mary Poppins. I remember while I was watching it my mom explaining to me who the suffragettes were, and repeating the line of the song that they sing: “Our daughter’s daughters will adore us/ and they’ll sing in grateful chorus/ hats off to the sister suffragettes.” I don’t think I quite got it at the time—I think because it was so hard for me to fathom that women were treated so [...]


The "What I See" Project

The What I See Project is a global digital art and science study of women’s perception and self-expression. … There's no agenda, angle or campaign here — just a collection of individual points of view that grows and changes with your participation.

Women from around the world answer "What do you see when you look in the mirror?" More information about the project and how to submit can be found herehere, and here; other featured [and nerve-wracking] questions include "What's the biggest risk you've ever taken?" and "What does happiness mean to you?"


Still Hoping to Attain Literal Invisibility

Here are two perspectives on what it's like to be "a hot girl who gets old."