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The Fantasy Sochi Pie


Previously: The Fur Pie

Ann Friedman is BRB inventing and constructing a snack luge.


Seasonal Affective Disorder Olympics

CURLING (Into A Ball)

Ten points if you do it for an hour.

A thousand points if you don't leave bed all weekend.

Gold medal for you if you quit your job, sell that gold medal, invest in the bond market, gain wealth, thereby proliferating more gold. This will translate to happiness. Mail your teenage nephew red Beats by Dre headphones for his "domepiece." This is a successful game of curling (into a ball).



A brash alarm begins its unforgiving beep. It's the morning; dawn peeks through your window.

"It's all downhill from here," you say.

Bronze medal.



Punch someone! Reflect on how weak you are! [...]


The Winter Games, Now & Then

Via Mashable: The Evolution of Winter Olympics in GIFs. Body suits seem to have gotten tighter.


Lucky Russia

So, Russia will be hosting the FIFA World Cup in 2018, adding that prestigious obligation to their 2014 Winter Olympics gig in Sochi. And Qatar will be hosting in 2022, so sorry, USA.


Bruno Banani (Only Tongan Winter Olympian) Sponsored by Bruno Banani (Underwear Brand That Made Him Change His Name)

Mental Floss ran down the athletes who are representing their countries solo at Sochi this year, and although not all the stories are of Cool Runnings magnitude (half are sort of "I'm a Dartmouth-educated Rhodes scholar who happened to be born in Bermuda," which is still cool!) I am finding a few of them deeply intriguing. There's a 43-year-old Sherpa coming through for Nepal in cross-country skiing, a skier from Tajikistan, which is a country with only one ski lift, and the curious case of Bruno Banani:

If you do a Google search for the name Bruno Banani, you will get the German underwear company of that name. But [...]