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When I was nine, I knew exactly what I wanted to be for Halloween. I wanted to be Cleopatra. At the grocery store, there was a rack of costumes-in-a-bag you could buy for $9.99, and while my mother insisted on spending her time at the grocery store doing boring things, like buying milk so we could all survive, I’d beeline directly to the costumes-in-a-bag rack as soon as we walked in. My mother told me that I shouldn’t do that, because I’d get lost and she’d be considered a bad mother for abandoning me, but I felt she was being irrational. I would obviously be by the costumes-in-a-bag rack. The [...]


Be Less Crazy About … Weight

Okay backstory: I have struggled with weight since childhood, no doubt made worse by the present societal pressures. I have been obese, morbidly obese, and just plain overweight over the years through various periods of gaining and losing weight. But also, I have insulin resistance, which is really important to monitor, and to try to keep healthy the best thing to do is lose weight. How do I keep trying to be healthy without turning it personal and make myself feel fat?

Also, I don't just want to lose weight for health. I want to fit in, be treated equally, get paid a fair wage (as much as I can [...]


Birth Control Not Actually Making You Fat

If you gain weight while taking the pill, it's your own fault:

Weight gain may be the most feared side effect of birth control. Concerns about pills’ and patches’ producing extra pounds have been known to keep some women away from them.

But most studies have found that those concerns are unwarranted. And women who do end up gaining weight, experts say, may simply be misperceiving normal weight gain over time as an unwanted side effect of contraceptives.

Some of us have been saying this the whole time.


My History of Being Fat

Jami Attenberg's novel 'The Middlesteins' is out today. 

I was born 10 pounds, 7 ounces; fat from the get-go. There are pictures of my mother pregnant with me, walking around our neighborhood with my costumed brother on Halloween, the day before I was born. She is enormous. I am enormous inside of her. Nobody cares if you’re fat when you’re a baby. They say things like: There’s more of her to love, or Look at those chubby cheeks. And they mean it.

There were years I was an average weight, I think, but I was certainly fat by elementary school. I recall stopping by a friend’s house in the [...]


Eat an Apple

How does that saying go? "An apple a day, and 'you're a-OK,' says the doctor"? It remains true: Scientists found that the ursolic acid in apple peels "boosts muscle growth by up to 15 per cent and reduces body fat by more than a half," and could even "help with diabetes." This based on a study with mice, wherein the mice getting the ursolic acid gained more muscle weight but not more weight overall than their non-ursolic-acid-eating peers. If this speaks to you, there are … surprisingly few (as in, no) recipes for "Apple Peel Chips" online. OK, here's one that I'm making up: Peel an apple [...]


Carter said she "doesn't consider it discriminatory"

So many questions! What if she was 6'7? What if she was 190 pounds and then got pregnant? What if she was like the amphibian lifeform from Hellboy, and her weight no longer mattered because she was constantly suspended in liquid in order to live? What if she only weighed 100 pounds, but also insisted on wearing a 101 pound puffy coat to stay warm? What if she weighed 125 pounds, but also obsessively poked people in waiting rooms with a pin?


Weight Gain, Orgasms, and "Everyone Hates My Boyfriend"

I'm currently sleeping with a guy who can't seem to last more than about 10 minutes in bed. This means he goes frustratingly slow, stopping every few seconds to regain his composure, to no avail. He says this has never happened with any other girl he has been with, that there is something "different" about my vagina. Specifically, that it's so tight, that he can't help but reach orgasm after just a few thrusts. While I would normally believe this is some kind of excuse for his quick performance, it's not the first time I have heard this from a guy. I have slept with a few others who [...]