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Love and "Hair Solidarity"

For something nice, here's a short video about Lisa and David, who got married yesterday. (And here's an alternate link.)



The big headline in Philadelphia on our wedding day read: "Water-main break floods Old City." We got the call about five hours before showtime that half our wedding party had lost water and needed to borrow showers at the hotel. Next, the salon called saying they were shut down, but were headed our way to set up a makeshift beauty parlor in the bridal suite — where we promptly blew all the fuses, sending stylists, bridesmaids, flower girls and mothers hither and yon to finish getting ready. It was absolutely hilarious. Our friend and photographer, Clayton Hauck, had eyes on the whole shebang. At end of this photo [...]


Help for a Costume Wedding

This question recently came in through the advice "line," and it seems like a better fit for a group solution (and rings a bell, although I can't find why that's the case or where it appeared, so apologies if this is a repeat, and apologies for accidentally stealing others' costume ideas). Anyway let's solve this!

My boyfriend's good friends with a great sense of humor are getting married very close to Halloween, and ask that we all come in costume. I'm already pretty terrible with thinking up costumes, and with the added constraints of wedding level elegance, I'm coming up with nothing. Do you have any ideas?

Historical costumes [...]


Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, "Same Love"

From the same people who brought you the life-bendingly catchy "Thrift Shop" (plus vocalist Mary Lambert) comes the video to their song in support of gay marriage, "Same Love." (Very lightly, briefly NSFW language.) Washington state viewers are encouraged to visit Music4Marriage for more info about voting and how to help.

Macklemore and Ryan Lewis's debut album, The Heist, is due out October 9, and the singles "Thrift Shop" and "Same Love" are available now, on vinyl and iTunes. Speaking of iTunes, it indicates that some of us have listened to "Thrift Shop" 236 times, not including iPhone plays.


Twenty Marleys and Me

I am crying on Lou, the TSA officer. Lou is holding my license, and I’m holding every sob as long as I can. But they come out in wet bursts, snot oozing over my upper lip.

“Anita! Get her some Kleenex, please.”

I sense the restlessness of passengers roped in zigzag formation behind me as the Man Who Checks IDs counsels Weeping Chick With Laptop Out Already with quips meaningless and profound, all in the same tone: Don’t hide that smile! This too shall pass!

Colleague Anita slips me a less sympathetic look before sliding off her stool to locate tissues. Her walk is slow enough to appear intentional. It [...]


Save the Date*

*Disclaimer: This problem obviously pales in comparison to what others are dealing with, and is just an attempt to laugh at myself a little.

Ten things to do when Hurricane Sandy floods your wedding venue, you’re supposed to get married next weekend, and you haven’t had power in your apartment for days:

1. Google ‘wedding venue is flooded?’ and then have a good cry at your desk at work.

2. Yell at your fiancé, tell him it’s all his fault, and then start crying and hug him and tell him you’re sorry, and that you’re thankful he’s been going back and forth to your dark apartment to feed the cats [...]


Friday Open Thread

(And: Jane gets married tomorrow!)


The Wedding Photographer

"It’s no longer enough to take wedding pictures that show a bride and groom in love — dancing, whispering during dinner, playing with a nephew or niece. These days, wedding pictures are elaborate, photographer-contrived setups that show the newlyweds kissing in a wheat field (as if it were a natural act to go wheat-harvesting on one’s wedding day) or aboard an old-time fire engine."

A wedding photographer checks back in with a few of the 451 couples he's photographed over the past dozen or so years, and although "most … are still married," others are not: "As warning signs go, having one of your mother’s friends — whose husband [...]


Stay-at-Home Dads and the Confrontation-Averse

1. My husband went from having two jobs when we were first married to now being a stay-at-home dad. He raises our toddler daughter, runs our household like a tight ship, is a fantastic cook, and manages our finances so well that we live fairly comfortably on one salary.

He loves being a full time dad. He was worried at first that he’d be bored, but he loves his time with her, and especially being able to plan his days the way he wants. Between the parenting and the domestic stuff, he’s working just as hard, if not harder, than he ever did. He’s fulfilled and happy.

My issue is his [...]


Shut Up With Your Eyebrows, Josephine Baker!

Our very own Jane Marie, on all the wonderful wedding beauty ideas you'll have to discard, since you can only pick one. Unless they have those snap-tracksuit quick-change options in wedding couture? We'll check. JAAANE.