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Excerpts From The September 2014 Vogue, Presented Without Commentary

On Weddings

And since a wedding day is essentially a time when we’re all looking to the future, I have decided to dedicate the rest of my September letter to some of the things I am most looking forward to this fall.

It takes a village to make [a wedding] happen – and if the village’s residents include some of the most talented designers in the world, that’s even better.

Let us first consider the setting. Fabiola wanted the celebrations to be a “memorable, magical sort of vacation” for her intimate posse of beloved friends and family – something “flowery and cultural with both sun and sea.” Fabiola’s native [...]


Ask A Costume Historian: Help, My Brother Wants Me To Be His Suit-Wearing Best Man

Hello Hairpin!

I am going to be the best man in my brother's wedding next summer and he's told me he wants me in a suit. I don't relish the idea of going to Men's Wearhouse, both for body type and fashion reasons. Obviously the ideal solution is an Elie Saab jumpsuit, a la Sarah Jessica Parker, but I don't have that kind of cash and also my boobs are way bigger. Help, what do I wear?


Hi there, best (wo)man,

I have lots of good news for you, all of which involves you never (ever) having to enter a Men’s Wearhouse.

I wore a jumpsuit to be [...]


What I’ve Learned About the Weddings I Remembered

In April of 2012, Edith published an essay I’d written, “All the Weddings I Have Ever Been to, as I Remember Them,” about, well, precisely that, here on The Hairpin. I’d written the essay the previous fall as a kind of memory exercise related to the big moments in our lives, specifically, weddings—What did I wear? Who did I bring? What did I give? What happened? —and also as a structural way of thinking about the many weddings we inevitably go to in life and what they mean to us depending on our different life stages and circumstances. When I wrote it, I did have a foggy idea [...]


18 Brides in a Year

If I count events attended plus invitations received, my year in weddings tallies up at 18. I sometimes try to unload a bit of my social vertigo in regards to this figure, and people are like "Whaaaat," and I reply that I know, it's crazy, there is no good reason that someone with my lewd conversational habits should possess even 18 friends. But nonetheless 18 is the number! 18 weddings, 18 save-the-dates fluttering off the refrigerator door when I drunkenly seek my snacks. 18 clues about 36 families' pasts (the curious middle names, the mom I didn't know lived in Charleston), 18 aesthetic indicators of the present (the invitation pressed [...]


I Swear I'm Going to Be a Really Cool Bride

Hello esteemed women in my life!

I know what you’re thinking: not another wedding! I’m probably like the billionth one of your friends to get engaged this year and clutter your Facebook newsfeed with our big announcement (we only posted it there for our families – so obnoxious!) So thanks again for agreeing to be a part of our “special day.” Ew!

First of all, just want to say I’m so excited to have you all as my bridesmaids, which, yuck, is totally the worst word ever. You aren’t my “maids”; you’re my best friends and also adult women whom I admire deeply! It’s just another aspect of the wedding-industrial [...]


The 95-Year-Old Bridesmaid

This Times Vows video is about a week old, but I just came across it and it made me giddy in a way that Times Vows content usually does not: it's a short profile of three grandmothers who all served as bridesmaids in their granddaughters' weddings. There is no look, I'd argue, like the look Lila Leblang gives her granddaughter when the latter says, "You're one of my best friends, and that's what you do when you have bridesmaids: you ask your best friends."  [NYT]


The Engagement Phone Cover and The Wedding-Industrial Complex

Let’s start with some statistics.

Cost of the average American wedding in 2012 = $27,000 (not including Honeymoon).

Cost of the average New York wedding = $65,000.

Median U.S. income = $45,000.

Dollars generated by the wedding industry every year = $30 billion.

That includes dresses, elaborate engagement photos, groomsmen gifts, monogrammed handkerchiefs, signature cocktails, bachelorette parties. The soul/love/capital crushing process has been dubbed the “wedding industrial complex,” a cold term that connotes just how effectively capitalism has insinuated itself in an institution supposedly characterized by love and other priceless emotions.

The wedding industrial complex is not without its detractors: Jezebel has entire category devoted to deriding it [...]


The President of The Wedding Watchers

Rhoda Hill, a 79-year-old from Brooklyn, has been going to Grand Army Plaza to watch Saturday wedding photo shoots since the '70s: "I come because it's something nice to see." Also recently great from New York Times video: a look at the female sumo wrestlers who competed at the national sumo championships in Jackson, Wyo., last month. [NYT]


My Ideal Weddings, By Age

My ideal wedding, age 6: The ringbearer is a puppy, the cake is chocolate. The wedding is held in a beautiful old church because beautiful old churches are where all people get married—even Jews from New Jersey.

My ideal wedding, age 9: Basically, it’s The Princess Bride but starring Michael J. Fox as Westley, me as Buttercup. And plenty of unpoisoned wine at a mostly traditional feast, except that there’ll be a whole lot of chicken fingers.

My ideal wedding, age 12: Themed weddings can be quite fun and unique. My wedding will be Broadway musical-themed, just like my bat mitzvah. My future husband will rescue me from some ogre [...]


A Match Made In Fanfic

"The rest of the week flew by rather quickly, and Blair found herself no more accustomed to Harbor than she was on her first day. Her only highlight of the day, sadly, were classes with Seth Cohen, Newporter's very own Lonely Boy. She could just imagine the names Gossip Girl would give him on the Upper East Side—Emo Boy, Neurotic Boy, Comic Book Geek Boy—whatever. Just so not the type of boy she would be caught dead hanging around with. The problem was, she didn't really have much choice."

—How are we to live when the fanfic becomes real life? [See also]