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The Engagement Phone Cover and The Wedding-Industrial Complex

Let’s start with some statistics.

Cost of the average American wedding in 2012 = $27,000 (not including Honeymoon).

Cost of the average New York wedding = $65,000.

Median U.S. income = $45,000.

Dollars generated by the wedding industry every year = $30 billion.

That includes dresses, elaborate engagement photos, groomsmen gifts, monogrammed handkerchiefs, signature cocktails, bachelorette parties. The soul/love/capital crushing process has been dubbed the “wedding industrial complex,” a cold term that connotes just how effectively capitalism has insinuated itself in an institution supposedly characterized by love and other priceless emotions.

The wedding industrial complex is not without its detractors: Jezebel has entire category devoted to deriding it [...]


A Hashtag to Remember

"As the first bride to ever walk down the aisle wearing Google Glass, the fairytale romance of Collier and Buthman continues to warm our digital hearts."

Shall we salute the Tweethearts? [HuffPo]


Who Invited This Guy

Via Quinn Miller Photography, here is the latest installment in Make Your Wedding Go Viral. (Previously.)


Marriage, 2013

Single? Married? Divorced? None/all? This "why do people marry?" opinion piece is interesting, if you're interested in that kind of thing.

Also is that little girl wearing pajamas to her parents' wedding?

Previously, possibly related: "if instead of giant parties with pretty dresses and champagne, weddings were brief, solo walks through a gutter followed by an exchange of mud clumps, there might not be so much divorce. Maybe? I don't know."

And if you really want to go all in this morning, the Times is also running an article on the state of the pelvic exam.


A Match Made In Fanfic

"The rest of the week flew by rather quickly, and Blair found herself no more accustomed to Harbor than she was on her first day. Her only highlight of the day, sadly, were classes with Seth Cohen, Newporter's very own Lonely Boy. She could just imagine the names Gossip Girl would give him on the Upper East Side—Emo Boy, Neurotic Boy, Comic Book Geek Boy—whatever. Just so not the type of boy she would be caught dead hanging around with. The problem was, she didn't really have much choice."

—How are we to live when the fanfic becomes real life? [See also]


Instagrams from a Nigerian Wedding

At the BBC, a set of colorful, beautiful iPhone photos taken at Nigerian weddings, all from documentary photographer Glenna Gordon, who says that the phone makes her subjects feel less intimidated than a regular camera would. Fun fact about Nigerian weddings: all the bride's friends wear one color, and the groom's friends wear another. Rumble-ready, the way a wedding should be.



Free this weekend? [Via Gawker]


18 Brides in a Year

If I count events attended plus invitations received, my year in weddings tallies up at 18. I sometimes try to unload a bit of my social vertigo in regards to this figure, and people are like "Whaaaat," and I reply that I know, it's crazy, there is no good reason that someone with my lewd conversational habits should possess even 18 friends. But nonetheless 18 is the number! 18 weddings, 18 save-the-dates fluttering off the refrigerator door when I drunkenly seek my snacks. 18 clues about 36 families' pasts (the curious middle names, the mom I didn't know lived in Charleston), 18 aesthetic indicators of the present (the invitation pressed [...]


This Wedding Season, Say Yes to Strangers: What I Learned From My Craigslist Date

This past month we learned about a pair of viral Craigslist ads that some nice young men had (successfully) used to find wedding dates. This was old news to me.

In 2008, I was named a bridesmaid against my will, and I prepared to suffer through all the standard requirements that come with the duty. Usually, you simply grin and bear these life necessities, but when the bride vehemently insisted that we all have dates despite the fact that several of us were single, I decided to respond to her myopia with outright insolence, with the support of and in the shared name of my bridal party [...]


Bless Us, Every One

Guys! Marriage equality is here, just in time to get into fights about things that someone will always manage to be offended by:

Dear Civil Behavior: I’ve been helping my daughter plan her wedding to her girlfriend and everything’s been going fine — until now. We’re about to address the invitations. The calligrapher is lined up and time is getting a bit short. Here’s the problem. My daughter insists on addressing the women with what I’d call a feminist version of their names. In other words, instead of writing “Mr. and Mrs. Richard Garcia” she wants to write: “Ms. Jane Garcia and Mr. Richard Garcia,” calling out the [...]