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On Mike Brown: "What I have is you and the God who gave you and the God who just may take you away"

The case for some sort of justice for Missouri teenager Mike Brown, 18 and black and unarmed and about to start college when he was shot by a police officer on the street where he lived, will (hopefully) be a fixture in the news for a while. In the meantime, Stacia L. Brown writes beautifully and hauntingly to her daughter about this never-ending story:

How can you learn at 4 to do what still makes me flail and falter at 34? And how can I let you go when a girl a year younger than you was gunned down in our city last week and a boy who would’ve headed [...]


At the New Yorker, a set of beautiful, strange photos from the life of Somali chef Ahmed Jama, who owns a restaurant in Mogadishu called The Village that was bombed by the Shabaab (the same group responsible for this weekend's shootings in Nairobi) on September 7th. Somalia's last two decades have been marked by nonstop violence; over 800,000 people fled the country in a single 18-month period from 2007-2008. Jama, in contrast, just reopened The Village for business. “Not many customers came, but we had a few people buying coffee. It’s a beginning. I’m not going to give up," he told the New Yorker.


Being Maleficent

We were a motley band of homeschoolers, playing on a sunny back porch while our mothers had a Bible study inside. We had been warned against coming in and interrupting, so we scuffed our Keds against the floor boards and broke sticks into little logs. Most of the girls wore ankle-length skirts or jumpers. They all had long hair, except me. I had mine cut short because I wouldn’t let my mom brush it, and she wanted it out of my face.

One of the older girls, her hair pulled up in a large bow that matched the trimming on her socks, glanced over us. “Let’s put on a [...]


The Birds Are Coming For The Olds

No word on whether the pensioner in question accused a particularly crabby and insensitive bird of being pregnant in public.


Over Half of All Anti-LGBT Homicide Victims in 2012 Were Transgender Women

"According to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, 53.8 percent of anti-LGBT homicide victims in 2012 were transgender women, the majority of whom were people of color. In 2011, the percentage of transgender women in this statistic was substantially lower: 40 percent. For transgender women, it doesn’t get better, apparently. We experience most of the violence with none of the visibility. We are the dead and we are the forgotten. In the face of a world that erases us, remembering this violence is more than just an obligation—it is an act of resistance." [Jacobin]