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The Tragic History of Fallen Teen Magazines

Last week, Bop, the teenybopper magazine that's been churning out covers featuring boy band stock photos splashed atop garish fuchsia backdrops since 1983, announced they would cease publication. If you're all, "Bop still existed?" you can't be blamed to assume it had folded years ago. Most teen magazines did.

Of the dozens that have surfaced since the very first teen magazine, Seventeen, was founded in 1944, only four remain: Seventeen, Teen Vogue, J-14, and, assuming some bound pages of prepubescent pin-ups can be classified as a magazine, Tiger Beat.

Here, we look back at all the teen magazines that have folded for one reason (lame cover stars? irrelevant [...]


Poetic Snacks to Eat at 10 p.m., in 1950

In this November 1950 issue of Good Housekeeping, Genevieve Callahan offers:

Forty menuettes sure to delight the hostess and guests after evening get-togethers of cards, television, movies.

I've distilled this bounty down to a list of the charming descriptions.  It's like an obsessive housewife's precursor to The Minimalist.