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2,500 Year Old Bad Bitch Wreaks Havoc and Vengeance

The Altai Mountains – a range where Russia meets China meets Mongolia meets Kazakhstan – have recently been besieged by floods and earthquakes, and they have only themselves (and when I say "themselves" I mean archeologists that had very little to do with them) to blame. Why? They dug up the wrong HBIC.

The tattooed corpse of the 25-year-old woman was preserved in permafrost until she was dug up more than two decades ago. It was this act, it is claimed, that has caused her anger.  

Twenty-one years ago, archeologist Natalia Polosmak dug up the mummified remains of the woman who would come to be known as "Princess Ukok," after the remote [...]


The Twelve Days of Female Vengeance: Week Two

We're in the heart of BAM's "Vengeance Is Hers" film series right now, can you feel it?! (Feb. 7 -18.) Hatred and bitterness in the air! Head over to the official site for useful information and plot synopses, and then come back here for more-superficial "reviews," in case you live in New York and are deciding which one[s] to go to, or if you'd want to watch at home, at any point. Actually the more I write and think about it, the less this seems useful to anyone. But, here it is anyway!


The Twelve Days of Female Vengeance: Week One

BAMcinématek's "Vengeance Is Hers" film series starts tonight in Brooklyn, and if after reading the useful synopses on their site you'd like some more-superficial guidance for picking which to watch — here you go.