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Introducing "The Blood Countess"

What confused the joke, perhaps, was the already existing literature on “clinical vampirism,” a set of symptoms that, if it had not yet been given a catchy, Dracula-informed name (Renfield is the name of the Count’s blood-sucking assistant in Stoker’s novel), had been written about by medical professionals since the late 19th century. Psychiatric reports dating to that period occasionally described patients who derived sexual pleasure from consuming blood, sometimes their own. This behavior, though very infrequently reported, continues to show up in psychological studies, and sometimes in serial killers.

—Hairpin pal Katie Heaney wrote about "clinical vampirism" at Pacific Standard yesterday; be forewarned that reading her [...]


Jennifer Lopez's "Papi" Video

Too scary; she is legend.


Vampire Sucks the Life Out of His Bank

"Uh, hey Patrick, thanks so much for joining us this morning. Just one final question, 'WHAT IS GOING ON IN YOUR MOUTH?'"



Scandals of Classic Hollywood: The Most Wicked Face of Theda Bara

Theodosia Goodman grew up in Cincinnati, the child of middle-class Jewish immigrants. Her father was a tailor; her mother kept house. She went to high school, she went to two years of college. She was a middling actress with middling looks, age 30, stuck in the Yiddish theater circuit, with a bit role in the occasional film. She was wholly unremarkable — one of hundreds of women working toward the same end.

And then, in 1915, totally out of nowhere, she became THE BIGGEST SEX SYMBOL IN THE WORLD. As the star of A Fool There Was, she embodied the cinematic “vamp” — the evil, predatory woman who seduces [...]


The Secret Belgian Vampire Craigslist

A vampire tricked a website into running an ad for his house.


Vampires of New England

Often these rituals were clandestine, lantern-lit affairs. But, particularly in Vermont, they could be quite public, even festive. One vampire heart was reportedly torched on the Woodstock, Vermont, town green in 1830. In Manchester, hundreds of people flocked to a 1793 heart-burning ceremony at a blacksmith’s forge: “Timothy Mead officiated at the altar in the sacrifice to the Demon Vampire who it was believed was still sucking the blood of the then living wife of Captain Burton,” an early town history says. “It was the month of February and good sleighing.”

Smithsonian magazine has a long and fascinating article on "The Great New England Vampire Panic" of the 19th [...]


The Spooky "Sleepless Elite"

Out of every 100 people who believe they only need five or six hours of sleep a night, only about five people really do.

The good news in this article about sleep deprivation and the "Sleepless Elite" — the 1-3% of the population who truly only need a few hours of sleep each night to function well — is that the Sleepless Elite sound freaky and unpleasant: "They talk fast. They never stop. They're always on the up side of life." They're also thin and happy, and they feel less pain. There was going to be a vampire joke here, too, but now there's not.