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Your Clitoris Is the Size of a 'Medium Zucchini,' and Other Vagina Facts You Didn't Know

Here’s a biology pop quiz question. What is the average size of a clitoris in a human female?

A. the size of a chickpea

B. the size of a mini pickle

C. the size of a medium zucchini.

Unless you’ve been paying particularly close attention to the gynecological literature, you’re probably not going to say C. And yet that is the correct answer. Sure, the externally visible part of the clitoris is puny, but that is literally the tip of an iceberg that extends deep beneath the pubis, five inches down either wall of the vagina, consists of six separate parts, and carries more nerve endings than the [...]


Rapper Slash Amateur Gynecologist Awkwafina Explains It All

Would like to see a Lady/Awkwafina vagina-off. (Language mildly NSFW.)

More info on Awkwafina can be found here. She is also on Twitter and Facebook.


Never Bike

"Women are having issues as well." —Loss of "genital sensation" is reason No. 9,359 to not bicycle anywhere, or even in place. Here's a friendly explanation, and here's the more-scientific one. Glad that's settled once and for all, eternaly, never to be reexamined.

(Plus, reason No. 9,360.)


Mondo Labia

Ladies, here’s an important tip to help you determine if your man is serious husband material: If he has large, dangling genitals, then you can tell that those parts have been overused and stretched out, and he’s obviously dirty, diseased and slutty. But if he has tiny, barely visible genitals that don’t hang down too far, that means he is clean, healthy, virginal, and worthy of marriage.

Sounds ridiculous, doesn’t it? Yet, when I was doing research for this article, I saw the reverse version of this advice being given to men. The post in question showed two women bent over side by side. The one with the small, [...]


What to Bring to the Baby Shower of Your Sworn Enemy

Vagina cakes. Vagina Cakes ft. Babies Crowning, "Realistic Doll Heads Emerging from Glazed Strawberries." [Mommyish]


Ariel Levy on Naomi Wolf's New Book, 'Vagina'

“To understand the vagina properly is to realize that it is not only coextensive with the female brain but also is part of the female soul — it is a gateway to, and medium of, female self-knowledge,” Wolf writes in “Vagina: A New Biography” (Ecco). She refers throughout the book to a “profound brain-vagina connection” but sometimes suggests that the vagina is, or ought to be, the rightful site of mission control.

Please read Ariel Levy's glorious, muffled-smile dissection of Naomi Wolf's new book, Vagina: A Biography, in this week's New Yorker (the book is out September 11). "Anger the vagina," Levy paraphrases, "and the woman will have [...]


A Scenic Guide to Your Abnormal Pap Smear

Hey, did you know that January is Cervical Health Awareness Month? If your response was “oh Lola FUCK you, dude” I’m guessing you are one of the 2-3 million people in the US who found themselves on the freaking-out end of an abnormal pap smear result in the last year. Understandably! Hey APSC (Abnormal Pap Smear Crew), bring your HPV, cervixes, and questions about whether that HPV is cervixes' cancer over here. And let’s talk.

First: what is HPV? HPV stands for Human Papillomavirus, the most common STI, transmitted through skin-to-skin contact with the genitals. This means that you can get it no matter who you are, who [...]



Your vagina's probably doing great. So is hers and hers and hers. And theirs, and ours. All of them!



Return to South Mouth Kingdom

Whoa, that seems like a lot of rules! Isn’t there some sort of magic unifying principle!? We at the Hairpin traffic primarily in magic unifying principles, so we’re happy to relay that yes, there is one, and it’s pH balance. Your vagina needs to be a little on the acidic side (3.8-4.5) to be happy. Hairpin fave Kate Clancy has a long-form explanation on why this should be, but the gist is that your vagina contains multitudes: bacteria, yeast, and other organisms. The vag is healthiest when the Lactobacilli bacteria are in power; they output hydrogen peroxide to keep the pH down and inhospitable to the other bacteria. [...]


"You've Put My Chuff in a Huff!"

If you're in London tomorrow, check out the Muff March, a protest against the "obsession with removing pubic hair" and surgeries to create "designer vaginas?" That rhymes one way in the UK, and another way in my uncle's house. [Thanks, Emma!]