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Kreayshawn in GQ

She corrals the boys out the door. Left in the room is her main posse, a distinctly weird mix of 22-year-old girls who could be the ensemble cast of a TV show about misfit teens. There's Avian, her soft-voiced childhood neighbor, positioned across the pillows, head propped up by her dark skinny arm, like she's posing for a cheesecake pinup. Kreay's personal assistant and roommate, Isabel, a giggly Filipina wearing a gigantic sun hat keeps looking in the mirror and proclaiming herself "sooo L.A." Then there's a Mohawked videographer in an oversize jeans jacket, Lady Tragik (not her given name), who I probably could have guessed was a lesbian, but [...]


Cartoonish Kreayshawn Pal V-Nasty Makes a YouTube

Oh jeez. What's the deal with Oakland that people aren't laughing at V-Nasty wherever she goes? This is kind of incredible. [Via]


Who Is Kreayshawn?

Kreayshawn (pronounced "cray-shon") is a rapper (slash cinematographer, slash variety of things and non-things) whose video "Gucci Gucci" hit the internet last week, and which I turned off after 20 seconds because it was annoying (see above). Then all weekend my cooler friends on Facebook and Twitter kept talking about it (oh no, I just called young people I've never met "friends"), so I watched the video again and it's kind of as amazing as it is annoying. Plus "one big room, full of bad bitches" is a genius hook.

But who is Kreayshawn? She's a 21-year-old Bay Area Berkeley Film School dropout named Natassia Zolot who embraces her thin, [...]