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Megan Amram…For You!

Here’s a hot tip: if you're interviewing a comedian over the phone, don't do the transcribing yourself.

First, you'll experience lots of technical difficulties, because your laughter will have made the comedian's responses inaudible.

Second, you will have to live with every dumb joke you made in a vain attempt to impress said comedian, and you will never be able to look at yourself in a mirror again without flinching in shame. I learned this the hard way.

I really, really want Megan Amram to think I'm funny, because I think she's very funny. Megan is the type of funny that brings her 33,400 Twitter [...]


Who We Tell When We Watch Our Parents Die

I’ve spoken to very few people about what it was like to be in a room watching my mother take her last gulps of air. It was dinnertime, dark. We’d just had pizza. We’d been taking turns sitting by her side when there was a change in her breathing. All the oxygen drained from the room. When my mother died, it was just my family in a semicircle, alone together with what moments ago had been “her,” but in the span of seconds had become “her body.” She was 63.

When I read that comedian Laurie Kilmartin was live-tweeting her father’s dying days, I recoiled as though from an uppercut [...]


When Will "PILE OF POO" Take Its Rightful Spot at No. 1?

Via Hairpin pal Lindsey Weber, "Emoji Tracker" lists the realtime use of emoji on Twitter. Unexpected delight here: the all-caps rollover text describing each emoji. "FACE WITH STUCK-OUT TONGUE AND WINKING EYE" = ;P


Unfollowback Girl

I had the experience recently of unfollowing someone on Twitter. He has about 800 followers, is following 400. A few days later, he unfollowed me. (I've had this experience several times in the past as well, which is why I checked.) My question is this: how did he know it was me? Barring him visiting my profile and noticing specifically, which is always a possibility, is there a tool you can use that alerts you who unfollows you? Or do people like that keep a list and crosscheck every time they lose a follow?

"Social Anxiety" is a new social media advice column by Anjali Mullany. The [...]


The Unfollowed Pie


Previously: The Heartland Pie

Ann Friedman is sorry this pie is so mean and understands if you need to unfollow immediately as a result.


Feminist Twitter Avatars

If you’re a lady who occasionally spouts the odd homage to gender equality and you’re considering existing on the internet, you’re in for a surprise. Some people already don’t like your stupid lady face. They think you’re going to come in and spill cosmopolitan all over the xhtml while laughing too loudly, ruining everything. Before we go further, answer these three questions:

a)    Do you believe in having autonomy over your body?

b)    Have you ever had a margarita?

c)    Have you read a forum on hair removal in the last 12 months?

They’re going to hate you.

Consider using one of these preemptive internet avatars for your social accounts, [...]


How Has Waka Flocka Flame Changed Your Life?

The Source gathered this story from a woman known on Twitter as @WebDiva423, a 53-year-old from Florida who credits an internet bond with the rapper Waka Flocka Flame for giving her the courage to end her marriage and essentially turn her life around. Who needs therapy? From Dianne's posts:

Now, my ex-husband and I had always had problems. We were on a typical bad relationship roller coaster; good times followed by bad times followed by good times and so on. Finally, the good times were just too far between and although the bad times subsided too, we fell into a very polite and civilized existence. That is, until Waka [...]


A Conversation with Jamelle Bouie

Jamelle Bouie is a writer for The Daily Beast whose work has also appeared in The American Prospect, The Atlantic, The Nation and the Washington Post. He is also somewhat of a lightning rod for ideologues: you might've seen his debate with Buzz Bissinger on NYMag, any number of people in his face on Twitter, etc. I’ve wanted for a long time to talk to Jamelle about writing, racial and political dialogue, the discursive practices of the internet—and how he manages to handle all of those things with great unflappability, grace and humor. (His Twitter bio states, "The real racist.") We talked on the phone [...]


How to Tweet, Featuring Prince



— PRINCE 3RDEYEGIRL (@3rdeyegirl) August 14, 2013


PRINCE'S 2ND TWEET. — PRINCE 3RDEYEGIRL (@3rdeyegirl) August 14, 2013




— PRINCE 3RDEYEGIRL (@3rdeyegirl) August 14, 2013

Sorry, but we've all been doing it wrong. (Cher may have cracked the code, though?) Here's a snippet of his new single.


No One Vines Better Than Roseanne

Vine is Twitter's platform for sharing 6-second videos with all your followers, and Roseanne Barr is its best user. Why? Because she doesn't know how to use it yet.

[Mouse-over, click the sound icon, then click the video itself to experience Roseanne's Vines in full.]

Check out all her best Vines over at Vulture.